Monday, December 11, 2017

Make four Scandinavian Christmas cards with two 12x12 papers!

Thanks for stopping in for the Scandinavian Holiday Blog Hop sponsored by Club Scrap. If you're making the rounds, you've likely arrived from Julie's blog. Visit the Club Scrap blog to view the other participants and to join the Linky Party.

I really, really wanted to share some fresh ideas with Club Scrap's Scandinavian Holiday collection, but I'm going to be really honest with you right now:

I didn't have any.


Enter: Club Scrap's Cardmaking Idea Deck, Volume II.

I picked the Ace of Clubs because it makes a total of four cards from just two sheets of 12x12" paper. And I got to thinking that it would be nice to make something with warm, neutral tones.

Gather the following supplies:
12x12 White Plain
12x12 Succulents Pebble Plain (This color is absolutely gorgeous.)
Ash Ink
Scandinavian Holiday Unmounted Stamps
Assorted Embossing Folders

Trim, score, and fold the papers according to the recipe card. Stamp the 2x3" panels with Ash ink and assorted images. Emboss the 1/2" strip and nesting panel, add ribbon, adhere to the card and call it done!

Club Scrap's Scandinavian Holiday stamps with neutral papers #cardmaking #clubscrap #ideadeck

The embossing makes a huge difference on the background panels. I had fun picking out my favorite patterns to complement the images. Use a grid ruler to help you adhere the narrow strip on the right side of the gatefold. I tried one without the ruler, and it's crooked. It's going to drive me crazy. Luckily, you can't see it in the above picture.

Club Scrap's Scandinavian Holiday stamps with neutral papers #cardmaking #clubscrap #ideadeck

The grey organza ribbon was a remnant from the Succulents collection. It's the perfect finishing touch!

Club Scrap's Scandinavian Holiday stamps with neutral papers #cardmaking #clubscrap #ideadeck

The silver-edged satin ribbon is from A Night at the Met. You might have some in your stash if you're a current Club Scrap member! Don't forget to stamp the inside of the card with one of your favorite sentiments from the UM sheet.

Club Scrap's Scandinavian Holiday stamps with neutral papers #cardmaking #clubscrap #ideadeck

You may need to give your Ash ink pad a fresh inking to achieve these lovely, crisp images. Don't ask me how I know this.

Club Scrap's Scandinavian Holiday stamps with neutral papers #cardmaking #clubscrap #ideadeck

Thanks for stopping by today. I want to wish you and your family a blessed and joyous holiday season.

Next up for you: Stop by Kay's blog, then add your projects, layouts, or cards to the Linky Party at Club Scrap.

Next up for me: Put up my Christmas tree.


Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Trattoria Meets Mizuhiki on a Tag

Thanks for stopping in for the Trattoria Blog Hop sponsored by Club Scrap. If you're making the rounds, you've likely arrived from Roni's blog. Visit the Club Scrap blog to view the full listing of participants and to join the Linky Party.

I stumbled upon a full package of orange Mizuhiki Paper Cord by Yasutomo in my stash, and decided to "re-re-resurrect" one of my favorite techniques.

The last time I visited the technique was with the Lakes collection in November of 2014, so I'm overdue! I included a step by step tutorial in my last blog, so this time I thought I'd make a quick video.

After completing the decorative strip, I used a portion to decorate a manila tag and then added it to a 5x7" greeting card. Simply stamp your favorite sentiments from the Trattoria Art Nouveau and Greeting unmounted stamp sheets, and you're good to go!

You can load up on Trattoria supplies at the Club Scrap store. Next up: Pam Peeling at APeeling Paper and Crafts.

Keep living the sweet life!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Scandinavia Blog Hop

Have you bounced your way here from Roni's blog? If so, you're moving right along on Club Scrap's Scandinavia Blog Hop. Welcome!

Each month, Club Scrap members receive free instructions to help assemble everything we send their way. In addition, they are also given a layout card that includes a grayscale sketch of a finished layout, a gather list of what is needed to complete the pages, and precise paper trimming instructions. Here is the layout sketch released in October.

The idea here is to continually provide inspiration so you can "keep 'er movin'" and not be paralyzed by a lack of inspiration.

I usually try to create a double page spread with the current month's layout card and kit. Here is my Scandinavia version . . .

I was able to incorporate a few of my favorite die cuts and cutaparts. The possibilities for embellishing the three strips on the left are endless! As always, adhere the elements with CS® Bookbinding Glue in a needle-tipped applicator.

Don't forget to reach for those layout cards whenever you feel stumped for an idea. It's an asset you can use again and again! I've shared a few other pages created with inspiration from past layout cards. Check out the Cape Cod layout using the Bold Blooms card, and this Boardwalk layout!

Now, it's time to keep 'er movin'. Your next stop is with Pam at APeeling Paper Crafts. See you there!


Friday, October 20, 2017

Vintage Botany Meets Digi Hybrid for Last-Minute Memorial Gift

My dear friend's father passed away on Monday. He would have been 93 today. Our neighborhood is getting together to purchase something as a memorial for him, and they also wanted to present her with a poem. They sent it over to me this morning to "pretty it up" a little. I thought it was such a lovely sentiment.

Sometimes when the wind blows, I hear you whisper to me, "My Spirit is alive. My Soul is free. My love is as near, as you need me to be."

I needed it today, so I stylized the poem in Photoshop and sized it to fit in a 5x7" frame. To add an image, I simply opened my files from the Vintage Botany Digital Hybrid collection and incorporated the dandelion. Perfect!

Memorial Gift made with Club Scrap's Vintage Botany and Hybrid Kits

After printing onto Dk. Kraft paper and matting it with black/ivory/black paper, I created an envelope from the 12x12 Vintage Botany Ivory Print with the help of my Envelope Punch Board.

Memorial Gift made with Club Scrap's Vintage Botany and Hybrid Kits
The paper used for the envelope is one of my favorites from the collection!
Memorial Gift made with Club Scrap's Vintage Botany and Hybrid Kits

Have a creative day . . .


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Easel Mini Calendar and Note Holder

It's Club Scrap's Orchard Blog Hop time! Check out their blog for an entire listing of inspiring projects and to participate in the Linky Party.

The chill of fall is in the air, and that gets me thinking about upcoming holiday gatherings. Here is an adorable mini calendar and note holder perfect for a hostess gift! I made it with Club Scrap's beautiful Orchard collection, but it would be gorgeous with any themed kit.

The inspiration and instructions for this project came from a helpful tutorial on LeeAnn Greff's blog.

I used the following materials for this mini calendar/note holder project:

  • 3.75x10.5" Easel Paper
  • 4.75x7" Pocket Paper
  • ScorPal and Bone Folder
  • CS Bookbinding Glue in a Needle-tipped Applicator
  • Orchard UM Stamps
  • Scissors and Craft Knife
  • Brown, Orange, Green, Ivory and Red Papers (for notecards and mats)
Score the 3.75x10.5" Easel Paper horizontally at 4, 8, 9 and 10".
Score the 4.75x7" Pocket paper vertically at .5 and 4.25". Score horizontally at 4 and 4.5".
Follow the tutorial on LeeAnn's blog for simple assembly.

Download and print a 2018 calendar onto an 8.5x11 sheet of Orchard Yellow. (Adjust your printer settings to print "16 images per page" to print the miniature calendar.) Trim the months into pieces of the same size, secure with binder clips, and top with a generous application of CS® Bookbinding Glue. When the glue is completely dry, you'll have a handy notepad.

Trim an assortment of 3x3" pieces of Orchard paper and stamp with small images from the Jumbo and Greeting unmounted sheets. Insert the papers into the pocket and add a small pen or Sharpie.

An alternative option is to skip the easel portion, add a magnet, and place onto the fridge. Unless it's a stainless steel fridge.

Isn't it sweet? Looking at it just makes me happy.

See you at Pam's blog for your next batch of inspiration!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Slider Card Tutorial and Lagoon Blog Hop

Create a fun slider card with materials from Club Scrap's Lagoon collection by reading on!

What's the Lagoon collection, you ask? Learn more about it HERE, and participate in an inspiring blog hop featuring the kit starting HERE.

I created a 5x7" version of the slider card structure by following a tutorial that involved scoring first and then cutting the score lines.

I installed the art panel to the front of the slider and placed adhesive only on the lower portion of the mechanism to create a pop-up.

I experimented with revising the method of construction and chose to create a standard 4.25x5.5" card by using one of my favorite tools: the 2x8"Acrylic Grid Ruler. Make an adorable pull tab for the slider with the Vintage Botany mini sticker tags.

The fun greetings for the card came from the Lagoon Greeting sheet. The cute fish is included on the Art Nouveau UM stamp sheet.

A video tutorial is worth a million words, so tune in below to learn how to make the card!

And now it's time to swim over to Pam's blog to see what the tide brings in.

Have a creative day!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Handmade Business Card Holder

Welcome to another inspiring blog hop featuring Club Scrap's Vintage Botany kit! (To view the full listing of participating bloggers and join in the fun with our Linky Party, hop to Club Scrap. Hopefully, you just arrived from Roni's blog.)

This collection is gorgeous, and I wanted to carry its beauty wherever I go! While on my international travels, I was wishing I'd had a nice stash of business cards on hand to share with new friends . . .

As necessity is the mother of invention, I consulted my past blog tutorial to create a business card holder. I took an additional step to make it more sturdy so it can handle the intense battles that seem to occur at the bottom of my purse. (Can anyone relate to this?)

Trim one 4.75x10" Ivory Print and one Dk. Green Plain from the Vintage Botany collection. Apply a thorough layer of CS® Bookbinding Glue to one of the papers and laminate them together to create a sturdy double thickness.

After scoring and trimming the laminated paper according to the instructions in the tutorial, punch a notch into the center with an envelope punch board and round the corners of the top flap.

Before gluing the paper into the box shape, cut a .75" strip of Dk. Green paper and wrap around the top of the box. Glue only the sides and back of the strip, leaving a clear space between the front of the box and the strip. Instead of cramming the flap into the box, simply slide the flap beneath the strip.

Load the box with a generous pack of business cards, and you'll always be prepared to keep in touch with new friends!

Stamp the friendship sentiment from the Art Nouveau sheet onto a Lt. Green panel and adhere to the strip.

This is an easy gift to make and will look gorgeous in any of the papers from this collection. You can also adapt the measurements to create a custom-sized box to fit your needs.

Now it's time to hop along and see more inspiration from our friend, Pam!


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mini Two-Ring Album

Club Scrap's "Blog Hop Time" at the end of the month is bittersweet because it is my final item on my task list for every collection. Today it's time to feature June's Pattern Play kit and then I have to jump right directly to the next collection . . . Vintage Botany!

(If you'd like to view the entire blog hop line-up, click HERE. And if you're playing along, you've hopped over from Roni's blog.)

I unearthed a box of album component kits in the warehouse and decided to make a mini book with these cheerful Pattern Play papers.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

With the snap ring closure, thick book board, and fastening hardware included in the project kit, this little album came together in a jiffy! Well, more like an hour or two.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

Trim your favorite Pattern Play papers to wrap the cover boards and spine at the following measurements:

  • 6x7.5" Outside Spine Cover
  • (2) 5x7.5" Outside Covers
  • 5.25x6" Inside Spine Cover
  • (2) 3.875x5.25" Inside Covers

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

To aid in the assembly process, simply follow along with Karen's video from the original "Twinchie Album" workshop! Substitute with Pattern Play papers, and you're all set to make a gorgeous book. Be sure to have your basic bookbinding supplies on hand including our awesome Bookbinding Glue, a bone folder, Grid Ruler, scissors, pencil, and Crop-A-Dile.

In lieu of the page protectors, trim the desired number inner pages to 5x5". Measure and mark a spot to punch holes for the binding 3/8" from the edge. Punch between the 7/8 and 1" mark for the top ring, and between 4 and 4-1/8" for the bottom ring. Test the page to ensure it fits into the rings properly.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

Use the first punched page as a template to punch the remaining pages for the book. Alternate the page colors to add variety.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

Decorate the album with rubber stamped images from the Pattern Play collection.

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

Trim a 3.5x7.5" Dark Gray Plain to create a pocket for the inside back cover. (Instructions for the pocket are included in the video.)

Club Scrap Pattern Play Mini Album by Tricia Morris. Includes video instructions! #clubscrap #handmadebook

Don't forget to purchase your album components (or several sets). At this incredible price, they won't be around for long!

Your next stop on the tour is with Pam at APeeling Paper Crafts.

Happy album making!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

One Paper, One Photo - Scrapbook Page Challenge

This month, I decided to challenge myself to create a layout with a single sheet of 12x12 paper. And, while I normally incorporate many photos on a page, I decided to feature only one image.

But first, some bookkeeping. If you're hopping with Club Scrap, you can start at the beginning to see all of the splendid creations made with the Adirondacks collection!

One Paper, One Photo Challenge
(It's not an official challenge, but you're welcome to give it a try!)

One Paper, One Photo Challenge by Tricia Morris; Adirondacks Collection from Club Scrap #clubscrap #bloghop #scrapbooking #eclipsetape

Begin the project with the 12x12 Adirondacks Mint Plain. It's the perfect base for the single sheet layout because of its hefty 100# cover weight.


Place a mask 3" from each outside edge of the paper. (I used Eclipse Tape by Judikins, but you could also use paper held in place with tape). The grid ruler ensures the paper is level with the mask.

Apply a soft layer of Earth and Sapphire inks into the upper right and lower left corners of the unmasked opening with an Ink Applicator. When inking, land the applicator on the mask, and pull beyond the mask in an upward motion. Remove the masks.

Place a vertical mask on the paper to create a 2" vertical opening. Ink the edges. 

Remove the mask.

Continue to relocate the masks to add more edges and dimension to the background.

Stencil and Stamp

Stencil and stamp images from your stash with the same ink colors. The arrows and "journey" from the Adirondacks stencil combined well with the Delft Cracked Porcelain Stencil and Garden Shed Words Stencil. The script image is one of my favorites from the Paris Flea Market stamps.


Temporarily place a photograph on the layout, and use a fine-tip pen and grid ruler to draw a double line around the perimeter of the photo. (This takes the place of a photo mat.)

Remove the photo and add watercolor splatter to the page with coordinating Gelatos and a water brush or toothbrush.

Allow the page to dry completely and adhere the photo.

One Paper, One Photo Challenge by Tricia Morris; Adirondacks Collection from Club Scrap #clubscrap #bloghop #scrapbooking

That's all there is to it! I could have kept playing but, alas, the task list beckons. It's time to hop along and see what Pam at APeeling Paper Crafts has in store . . .