Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mama Purse, Baby Purse

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I fell in love with this adorable video tutorial for two reasons:

1. You can adapt the paper size to create a purse of any size.
2. There is no wasted paper! (Oh, so satisfying for The Efficient Crafter.)

Check out my "mama" and "baby" purses made with this collection . . .

The "mama" size is made with a sheet of 12x12 paper and leaves a lot of room for decorating and embellishing.

Have you seen the Jumbo Eiffel Tower Charms available as a bonus item in this collection? It's perfect for an add-on to the purse handle.

I was able to insert all fourteen cards and A2 envelopes made with the Club Stamp kit into the large purse.

The "baby purse" was made with a 6x6" piece of paper.

It can hold a handmade jewelry item, gift cards, tea bags, or cold remedies to be delivered to a friend who's under the weather.

Since the above video tutorial is key in learning how to create the small purse, I thought you might find this diagram helpful for creating the large purse from a 12x12 sheet of paper.

To prepare the purse handles, score at 11.25 and 9.75. Then trim at 10.5 and 9". Rotate the remaining 9x12 horizontally and score at .5, 5.25, 6, 6.75 and 11.5".  Fold along the score lines and follow the video for specific assembly tips.

If you liked this project, check out the Moroccan Spice purse tutorial from November.

Now it's time to put your stuff in your purse and move along to Esther's blog. Enjoy!