Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Three-Part Bow

Thanks for joining us for Club Scrap's National Parks blog hop!

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I've been making lots of handmade invitations lately and wanted to incorporate a pretty, flat bow on each one, sort of like this:

I found a few tutorials on how to make them, but they were annoyingly labor intensive. After some repetitive experimentation, I discovered a pretty fast way to get the job done.

The first part of the video below showcases a few quick details about the fourteen cards made with the National Parks Club Stamp collection . . .

. . . and the second part demonstrates how to make the bow in three simple steps. (Thus aptly named the "three-part bow".) You'll need Glue Dots, scissors, ribbon, and a card base/panel.

Thanks for watching (or pinning to watch later). I hope it's helpful. If you set up an assembly line, you can make more than 100 of these in short order. Not that I'd know anything about that . . .

Next stop: Wendy Bellino.

Enjoy the trip!