Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mizuhiki Technique

Welcome, and thanks for participating in Club Scrap's Lakes blog hop!

Today's technique is a blast from the past. I remember seeing a live demo of this bargello-inspired trick at an expo in California more than ten years ago. I recently stumbled upon some Mizuhiki cord after inheriting my mom's crafting stash, so I thought I'd put it to use with my Lakes kit.

You'll need 2" wide double sided tape (carpet tape works well), Mizuhiki paper cord, scissors, paper trimmer, and paper.

1. Trim a 9" strip of tape. (Or, whatever length you're in the mood for.)

2. Use a paper trimmer to cut 3" strips of paper at various angles. The Club Stamp Text Weight Print works well for this. I also used Lakes Mint and Dark Teal Plains.

3. Place a strip of paper across the tape. Add a length of Mizuhiki directly next to the paper strip. Repeat.

4.  Continue placing paper and Mizuhiki until the entire strip is covered.

5. Place the strip into a trimmer with the paper/Mizuhiki facing down. Trim to create an even edge. The Mizuhiki will go flying. Janet's cat would love this.

6. The resulting strip is already looking pretty cool! Stand back and admire.

7. Trim the artwork vertically into 1/2" strips.

8. Reverse the direction of every other strip.

9. Place the strips onto the sticky side of a second piece of tape, adding Mizuhiki cord between each piece. Peeling the backing from the narrow strips is optional.

10. Use the artwork to adorn a greeting card, handmade album or scrapbook page.

This is a fun one. Be sure to give it a try, even if you don't have Mizuhiki on hand.

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