Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to Make a Wallet Folio Mini Album

Club Scrap's Blueprints blog hop snuck up me this month, but I had some extra inspiration in the form of two very precious little ones who will be making their way from an orphanage in Eastern Europe to their forever home with a special family in Wisconsin. Fully funded through Reece's Rainbow, the family will be traveling soon to pick up their son and daughter!

Since every new mom/dad needs a way to show off their little blessings, I came up with a wallet-sized flip album to help this family introduce them to their loved ones.

I used papers from the Lite and Stamp kits, Ledger Washi Tape (Lite kit goodie), the UM Borders & Backgrounds plus a few other basic tools (ScorePal, bone folder, craft knife, cutting mat, ruler, adhesive, Envelope Punch Board).

1. For the folio, score the 12x12 Blueprints Lite Green Print at 3 and 9". Rotate 90 degrees and score at 3, 6 and 9".

2. To create the pocket, trim the 12x12 Blueprints Lite White Print to 7.25x8". Score horizontally at 2, 2.25, 5.5, and 5.75". Score vertically at 1 and 1.25".

3. Use a ruler, craft knife and cutting mat to cut along the score lines on the 12x12 Green Print as shown in the diagram. For the folds to function properly, remove the scoreline, as well. Fold the remaining score lines in the direction indicated by the arrows. You may need to slice a small amount of paper from the edges of the squares that fold inward . . . you'll see what I mean when you make the folio.

The scored print, trimmed and ready for folding. 
Fold the bottom and top squares.
Fold inward.
Fold in half.
4. Use a craft knife and ruler to remove the bottom corners of the scored folio pocket, as shown. Fold along score lines and adhere to form a pocket. I used an envelope punch board to add a notch at the top for easy access to the album inside.

5. Trim the 8.5x11 White Text Print (from Club Stamp) vertically at 5.75 and 2.75". Trim each 2.75x11 horizontally at 8.25, 5.5 and 2.75".

6. Nest the 2.75" squares onto the inside scored areas of the folio.

7. Add photographs and embellishments to the folio and pocket.

Congrats to the Novit family!

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