Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Big Deal Listmaker

Turns out the Club Scrap Blog Hop ensures that I get at least one entry a month at The Efficient Crafter. Welcome!

Today's project with the Big Deal collection features a Pinterest-inspired notepad. I like the idea of jotting my "to do" or grocery list on the tape. The final piece to that puzzle is remembering to bring the list with me to the store.

This is the deal . . .

1. Gather a 3x9.5" piece of book board or matte board. Trim an outside wrap to 5x11.5". Trim a back cover to 2.75x9.25". Locate a foam brush and CS Bookbinding Glue.

2. Wrap the book board by following the guidelines in my Essentials Video. Cover the bottom of the wrapped board with the 2.75x9.25" panel.

3. Use a binder clip to attach a piece of ribbon to the top edge of the wrapped board.

4. Run the ribbon through a roll of register tape and tie securely into a bow.

5. Tie a piece of elastic string around the base of the board and slide the tape beneath the elastic. An elastic hair tie might work in a pinch. I added a decorative button accent.

Tah-dah! Adhere a strong magnet to the back and you can keep this cutie on the fridge. Fold the silver handle of the binding clip around to the back cover, and the notepad will lay flat.

The first thing on your new "to do" list is to hop over to Hetty's blog at Craft Chaos.

See you next month for the Trees hop!