Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quadruple White Technique

It's good to get together for the Club Scrap Reunion Blog Hop! You can start at the beginning of the hop HERE.

I've recently seen several cards on Pinterest featuring only one color: white. I thought back to Julie's cool "Tree for All Seasons" post and thought I'd try creating a one-color card with that same tree image from the Reunion Unmounted Borders & Backgrounds.

Here are the steps to make the card:

1. Stamp the UM tree image four times onto a sheet of Reunion Ivory Plain with Sandstone ink. (The pale color of the Sandstone ink prevents any bleed or ink visibility on the final project.)

2. Use a sharp craft knife to remove the leaves from one stamped image. Keep careful track of the leaves as they are removed. (I learn this stuff the hard way.)

3. Cut detail portions of the tree trunk from the second stamped image, the outside frame from the third, and the tree from the fourth.

4. Trim a 4x5.25" Ivory panel; gather the four elements, CS Bookbinding Glue, wax pencil (from the 07/14 Oopsie Daisy CS kit), and a tweezers.

5. Temporarily place the frame onto the panel to mark its position and adhere the tree trunk so the bottom edge of the trunk is hidden just beneath the edge of the frame. All pieces will be adhered to the panel with the stamped side facing down.

6. Put your patience cap on, and glue the individual pieces to the panel in the following order: tree trunk detail, frame, leaves. It may be helpful to pick up smaller pieces from your work surface with a wax pencil.

7. Reference the image of the stamp to help with leaf placement. If desired, bend the leaf slightly along the center vein to add dimension to the project.

Use a blunt-tipped needle to transfer glue from your work surface to small elements.

8. Wow, that's pretty. Admire your work.

9. Layer the panels onto a softly contrasting 4-1/8x5-3/8" matte and a folded 4.25x5.5" card base. Consider a special someone who might be worthy of receiving this card. Or frame it.

What other CS images might work for this technique? It's a fun one!

Your next Reunion stop will be with Hetty at Craft Chaos.

See you next month for the Constellations hop, and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to Make 100 Quick Christmas Cards

Welcome to Club Scrap's Holiday Hop. There is no better time to be efficient than when your objective is to make 100 pseudo-handmade Christmas cards. I have a system I've been using for a few years now, and it works quite well.

Here it is:

1. Create a 4x6" digital Christmas card. In the past, I've used digital templates, but this year I branched out and created my own with the help of the Homemade Holiday Digital Kit. I was able to print 100 photos of my card for just $10 at my local Walgreen's, and they were ready within an hour. If you go with the store's pre-designed "Christmas Card Photos," you'll pay a premium.

2. Address A6 envelopes to all card recipients. Use a stencil to keep lines straight, or mail merge your addresses onto labels. Use a nice pen, like this wonderful Black Gel Pen included in the Reunion Lite kit.

3. Select papers to coordinate with the printed photo cards. I chose the 8.5x11 Wine Plain from Cinema and 12x12 Tan Plain from the bulk paper packs.

4. Trim (33) 8.5x11" sheets of Wine Plain into 4.25x6.25" panels. Trim (17) sheets of 12x12" Tan plain into 4x6" panels. This will give you roughly 100 of each.

5. Use the Homemade Holiday UM Stamps to design the Tan panel of the card. Don't get too crazy here. You'll have to stamp each image 100 times. I bore easily, so I stamped them in batches.

6. Whenever you need a stamping break, switch to signing the cards with your new gel pen.

7. Pop in your favorite Christmas tunes or a holiday movie to get you through this tedious part. 

8. Adhere the photo to the front of the 4.25x6.25 Wine panel. Nest the 4x6 Tan panel onto the back. Slide the photo card into the envelope. Repeat 99 times.

9. Add a pre-printed return address label and postage.

The first photo in this series was taken at 11:24am. The final photo was taken at 1:03pm. I had my Christmas cards completed in just ninety minutes! (This does not include creating the digital card or addressing the envelopes.) I shall happily go check this task off my list.

Your next stop on the Holiday Hop is Hetty Sanders at Craft Chaos.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mizuhiki Technique

Welcome, and thanks for participating in Club Scrap's Lakes blog hop!

Today's technique is a blast from the past. I remember seeing a live demo of this bargello-inspired trick at an expo in California more than ten years ago. I recently stumbled upon some Mizuhiki cord after inheriting my mom's crafting stash, so I thought I'd put it to use with my Lakes kit.

You'll need 2" wide double sided tape (carpet tape works well), Mizuhiki paper cord, scissors, paper trimmer, and paper.

1. Trim a 9" strip of tape. (Or, whatever length you're in the mood for.)

2. Use a paper trimmer to cut 3" strips of paper at various angles. The Club Stamp Text Weight Print works well for this. I also used Lakes Mint and Dark Teal Plains.

3. Place a strip of paper across the tape. Add a length of Mizuhiki directly next to the paper strip. Repeat.

4.  Continue placing paper and Mizuhiki until the entire strip is covered.

5. Place the strip into a trimmer with the paper/Mizuhiki facing down. Trim to create an even edge. The Mizuhiki will go flying. Janet's cat would love this.

6. The resulting strip is already looking pretty cool! Stand back and admire.

7. Trim the artwork vertically into 1/2" strips.

8. Reverse the direction of every other strip.

9. Place the strips onto the sticky side of a second piece of tape, adding Mizuhiki cord between each piece. Peeling the backing from the narrow strips is optional.

10. Use the artwork to adorn a greeting card, handmade album or scrapbook page.

This is a fun one. Be sure to give it a try, even if you don't have Mizuhiki on hand.

Keep the hop going by visiting my pal Hetty and her tea light easel card at Craft Chaos . . .


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stamp and Stencil Combo Border

Welcome, Homestead Hoppers! To start at the top of the hop, visit our wonderful host, Club Scrap.

I set out to create something with the clever stencil/stamp combo Jacqueline designed for this beautiful kit. Since day one, Jac had a vision for how the smaller label/frame image from the Collection UM could work like a "ribbon slide thingie" on a page.

The blog hop gives me one more chance to make work of ideas like this . . .

1. Use a grid ruler and pencil to mark a guideline about 1.5" from the edge of a 12x12 Ivory Plain. Mark the center and 2" above and below center until reaching the edges of the page. (This measurement is based on the size of the stamp . . . a little less than 2".)

2. Center the stamp onto an acrylic block with an etched grid. Align the vertical and horizontal center of the image onto the horizontal and vertical pencil guidelines to stamp a perfectly spaced border with India Black ink.

3. Use a quality eraser to eliminate the guidelines. (Don't use a nasty eraser that leaves horrid black marks all over the paper.)

4. Use the Homestead Lite Framed Stencil, ink applicator and Ruby ink to add the corresponding frame around each image. Do not fill in the entire area . . . simply ink the edges and lightly toward the center of the frame.

5. Outline the edge of each stenciled frame with a fine-tipped black marker. (You can do this during the stenciling process or realign after creating the inked frames.)

6. Cut slits within the "window" of the stamped image with craft knife and cutting mat. TIP: When working with a craft knife, always rotate the paper to ensure you are cutting in the most comfortable position possible.

7. Slide a 3/4" strip of paper (or ribbon) in and out of each slit.

(The view from the back of the paper.)

8. Use the corner swirl image to add a border to the three unadorned edges of the paper with Earth ink. TIP: Use the full image to create the corners, flipping the stencil as needed. Use only part of the image for the center areas of the border.

9. Add photos, stamped images, and embellishments to finish the page. If desired, trim 1/4" from each outside edge of the 12x12 Ivory Plain and layer onto the 12x12 Green Print. I found photos from the 2014 Retreat's "Lady in Red" night worked beautifully with this collection. Say "hi" to Julie and Brenda, CS staffers extraordinaire!

Special thanks to Kay Williamson for adding the cool overlay to the Retreat guest photos this year. It's so easy to keep track of the year with the "Retreat 2014" label on the lower left corner of the image.

Distress the edges of the Green matte to create that "Homestead" look.

The look is so dimensional with the stamping, stenciling and "paper ribbon."

I hope you give the stencil/stamp combo a try! Next stop on the tour . . . Hetty's Craft Chaos across the pond in the Netherlands!