Friday, December 27, 2013

Aromatherapy and Aspen

Welcome to the Awesome Aspen Blog Hop!

**I just have to say . . . the monthly blog hops with fellow Club Scrap members and staff have been such a wonderful thing. I am in awe of my fellow hoppers and so honored that you choose to participate month after month. 2014 is going to be fun! Thank you!***

This summer I poured about twenty drops of essential oil into a little blue bottle along with a tablespoon of alcohol and filled the rest with distilled water. I have been using it for a room spray ever since. It smells wonderful! (You can find tons of "recipes" for room sprays on Pinterest.)

I got to thinking.

That would make a nifty handmade gift idea!

Here's the scoop . . . 

1. Trim a 7x7 piece of Aspen Green. Using the Gift Box Punch Board, punch and horizontal/vertical score on the "Small" guideline; diagonal score on the "Medium" guideline. No need to use the reverse punch.

2. Apply adhesive to the top of each outside corner flap.

3. Tuck in each corner pleat, and secure with the flap to form a side wall of the box. Repeat until the box is formed. Repeat process to form a second lid-less box.

4. Trim a 10x12" piece of Almond Plain. Score 2 and 4" from each outside edge. Cut along inner vertical scorelines, turn up side walls and adhere flaps to form a 2x4" box. Insert the Green boxes into the Almond box. If all went according to plan, they should fit, along with the bottles.

5. Trim a 2.25" square from the wood veneer (CS goodie), round corners, and add a sticker.

6. Wrap the cutapart strip around the Almond box, keeping the seam of the strip at the front. (The ends of the strip won't quite meet.) Cover the seam with the sticker/veneer. Trim tags from wood veneer, punch a hole at the top, and note the scent contained in the bottle. Attach to the bottle with waxed linen.

7. Tah-dah! Instant gift. Well, sorta instant. Follow steps one through six, and you're there.

Thanks for hopping with us! Follow the scent to Hetty Sander's great idea at Craft Chaos.

Creatively yours,

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gnomely CD Folio Punchboard Tutorial

Welcome to the gnome hop! Visit Club Scrap Creates if you'd like to start at the beginning . . .

My project got rolling with an email from my friend, DonnaLee. She wanted to get some ideas on how she could gift some special CD's to her friends for Christmas using her Envelope Punch Board and the Gnome for the Holidays collection. I got to thinking . . .

(I love it when that happens!)

Here's what you do:

Watch the video OR follow the instructions below . .

1. Trim two papers to 8-1/8 x 8-1/8".

2. Measure, score and punch at 4-1/8". Rotate the paper one turn, align the existing scoreline with the arrow on the punch, and score/punch again. Repeat until each side is punched. Repeat for the second sheet.

3. Fold in three of the flaps to create a pocket and secure with adhesive.

4. Chop off the top flap of each envelope, just inside the scoreline. In other words, chop off the scoreline, too.

5. Place the bottom of an envelope pocket into the punch board, centered, at approximately 2-1/2". Punch. Repeat for the second envelope. This will create a slot for a ribbon closure. Clever, right?

6. Trim a piece of paper to 5 x 10-5/8". Score horizontally at 5.25". Rotate the paper 180 degrees and score again at 5.25". (This will create a 1/8" spine.)

7. Place the envelopes side by side with the open pockets facing in. Slide ribbon through the punched slot, the pockets, and through the other punched slot.

8. Insert the scored spine into the pockets. Remove the slack in the ribbon and keep working with it until it looks like a little booklet/folio. The spine will secure the ribbon and hold the envelopes together nicely.

9. Slide your goodies into the pockets.

10. And other yummy stuff for your gnomies.

11. Decorate. I trimmed a 12" cutapart strip from the Gnomes kit, wrapped it around the front envelope, and secured the seam front and center.

12. Then, cover the seam with your decorative element. Look at that cute cutapart!

Sweet, isn't it?

I just know you want to go make one, but finish hopping first! Your next stop is Kay over at Kay's Keepsakes. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas and happy gnome-made gift-making!
Creatively yours,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jumping on the Gelli Plate Bandwagon

*Welcome to the Fire & Ice Blog Hop! If you want to start at the beginning of the hop, click here to go to Club Scrap Creates.**

This is what happens in Wisconsin in November: My husband goes hunting, and I escape to my at-home crafting space for some relaxing experimentation.

I could have played. All. Day.

Dang laundry.

I got out some acrylic paints, a brayer, my Fire & Ice stamps, and a 6x6 Gelli Plate.

This is what happened. Just look at that big pile of experimentation!

So, I decided to make a few cards from my two favorite tag panels created with some help from those Fire & Ice stamps.

1. Trim the panels into 1x1" squares.

2. Trim a piece of Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film (included in the CS Fire & Ice kit) to 5x7". Peel away the backing from one side of the adhesive film.

3. Attach the squares to the film in rows, alternating colors.

4. Stand back and admire the completed art panel.

5. Peel away the backing from the other side of the film and layer onto a matte.

6. Stamp something clever onto a white panel with India Black ink and matte with black paper.

7. Add some ribbon to the panel in criss-cross fashion. Nest the panel to a folded card base.

8. Finish the card and hand it over to Kay to be photographed. (Lucky me, to have Kay right down the hall with her camera and those mad skills.)

9. Make a few more cards. Trust me. You won't want to stop.

10. Pause for a group photo.

There you have it. Ten easy steps to some great cards.

Let me just say---much more to come on the Gelli Printing Plates! Watch for them to appear in the store along with some "how to" if you need the inspiration!

Your next stop is already seven hours ahead of me. Take a big hop across the pond to Hetty Sanders in the Netherlands at Craft Chaos!

Thank you for hopping with me!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lock & Key Homerun

Let's see . . . if developing a project for this Club Scrap blog hop were a baseball game, I felt like I was on the plate with two strikes, three balls, two outs, bases loaded, tie game, in the bottom of the ninth. I thought I was all tapped out.

But it's the blog hop, and I simply had to come up with something!

This is my play-by-play:

1. Emboss four colors of 4.25x5.5" Lock & Key papers with four different folders.

2. Trim each embossed panel into six 1.5" squares. (Cut vertically at 3 and 1.5". Trim each strip horizontally at 4.5, 3 and 1.5".)

3. Prepare six 3.25" Black square mattes. Adhere one color of each square to the matte. Leave a small "gutter" around each piece--like a tile.

4. Layer onto a card base nested with that gorgeous handmade paper featured in the Lock & Key collection. Stamp a tiny image from the Collection UM beneath the matted image.

Homerun, yah?

Let's check out Hetty's batting average over at Craft Chaos! She typically hits 'em right out of the park!


Saturday, October 5, 2013

OWH Sketch #181

Hi, OWH Hoppers!

(Say that three times fast.)

If you've been here before and have tried my crazy cutting formulas, you're going to love this one. It's a doozy. The creator of this sketch had some faith in your measuring skills. But if you're new to 5/8", it's time to face up to this fraction.

Here's the original sketch:

You'll need three sheets of 8.5x11 paper in three different colors to make four cards in need of four A2 envelopes.

Trim Paper A and Paper B exactly the same way. This will create two card bases and the rest of the pieces for the cards. (Just like cookies, you can make as many batches as you like. Simply double/triple the recipe and add more colors if you want variety.)

1. Trim horizontally at 10.75 and 5.5". Fold the 5.5x8.5 in half to create a card base.

2. Cut the 5.25x8.5 horizontally at 7.75, 7, 6.25, 5.5, 4.75 and 2.5".

3. Trim the 2.5x5.25 horizontally at 4.25, 3.625 (3-5/8), 3 and 1.5". (Phew!)

4. Cut the 2.25x5.25 horizontally at 5, 4.75, 4.5 and 2.25".

To save a little time on the next step, score Paper C vertically at 4.25". Cut horizontally at 5.5". This way, you only score once and cut once. Tah-dah--two cards! And keep this trick in mind when you're cranking out tons of holiday cards or OWH cards. The time savings really adds up.

Next, sort the cards and all of the pieces onto like-sized piles and arrange the elements onto the card bases according to the sketch.

I used stamps from our brand new October collection called "Lock & Key". Almost every image came from the sweet plate of unmounted rubber you can find here.

I used one color of ink (Ocean) and no additional bulky embellishments to make them easy to mail overseas. Both ways.

And the finished cards which can be used for general OWH cards, thank you cards, or anyhero mail!

Now, cool thing. I passed along this card cutting formula to a fellow teammate here at Club Scrap. Check out how Karen's batch of cards turned out!

Thanks for stopping in!
Tricia Morris

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