Tuesday, May 22, 2012

13.1 Miles in Titletown

There was a fair amount of drama encircling last Sunday's Green Bay Half Marathon. The unseasonal extreme heat forced the race director to close the course at 9:35am. Only ten elite runners finished the full marathon. I was lucky enough to finish the half marathon at around 9:15am, only 20 minutes before they completely closed the course.

Here's my race report. . .

This is what was hanging on the refrigerator door for twelve weeks--my Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Schedule. Every box is now officially crossed off!

We always build a "running man" the night before the race. This ensures that you have the essentials. . . socks, shoes, Garmin, SpiBelt, shades, iPod, headphones, etc. It's hard to think clearly when the alarm goes off at 4am.

Tricia's "Running Man"
I pile into the car with Drew Ehlert, Cliff Morris and our awesome "fan man", Liz, at 5:15am. Right on schedule.

Drew, Tricia and Cliff
Off to the start line. Ahhhh--look at that beautiful stadium. Gotta love the Packers.

Isn't it beautiful?
The hot weather was a force to be reckoned with, for sure. Maybe I'm a little wimpy because I've been spoiled by cool, cloudy mornings perfect for those long training runs. But I had to dig deep--really deep--to finish this one. These were my goals for the race:

1. Achieve a PR (Personal Record) time of less than 2:07:54.
2. Run the whole thing.
3. Run, but walk through the water stations.
4. Finish.
5. Live to tell about it.
Pretending to feel awesome at Mile 11
Goal #1 was abandoned at mile 5. I started walking through water stations at mile 8. I spent mile 13 approaching the finish line party at Lambeau Field at a respectable and very determined "jog."
Coming in for the finish!
My eyes may have been leaking ever so slightly when a kindly volunteer put that beautiful football shaped medal around my sweaty neck.
Look at that COOL medal!
And then, I reunited with my running pals and enjoyed a 12 oz. cup of fabulously delicious 26.2 Ale made especially for this event by Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay. I assigned everyone a bright, bold color so that we'll coordinate well in the final scrapbook. (Actually, that was a happy accident.)
My running pals: Cliff, Drew and Todd
Driving home from the finish, this was the temperature reading in the car.

Next up, it'll be time to print my half marathon photos and make them a part of that permanent record. And that's where Club Scrap's fun Marathon Collection comes in. I love the prints because they have a framework where you can fill in your finish time with digital numbers. Way cool. 2:14:54.

Fill in the numbers to record the chip time. Nifty.
Are you training for anything? Have you caught the running bug? Some folks say I'm crazy. Last Sunday, I was only "half crazy." Can't wait to hear about what you've been up to. Pick up one of the last Marathon Collections from Club Scrap while they last!


  1. I'm so proud of you, Tricia! Great job!!! (and as far as I'm concerned, Goals #4 & 5 were the most important and you did both of those!!)

  2. Great job on the run Im just glad everone made it thur the heat that day i spent a lot of time riding my bike for help on downed runners,.I will have more photos up later this week.maybe you can find a few more of your self in here .

    1. Thanks for the link to the photos, and thanks for helping out there--it was a mess, I'm sure!

  3. Yay! Congratulations, Tricia! I love, love, loved this post! I love that you built a "running man" beforehand, and I totally laughed about assigning everyone bright, happy colors to wear for the pictures. I actually did that with a friend before a triathlon (we are both scrapbookers and knew there'd be tons of post-race pictures). Great pictures of a HUGE accomplishment--can't wait to see the layout!