Monday, January 9, 2012

What's Gnu with Ewe?

Are you still as tarp as a shack?

I recently discovered that we have some of these adorable "Three Hour Tour" stamps in stock. It's just a little sheet of unmounteds poised for bringing a smile to your face.

I thought I'd personally challenge myself to combine every image on the sheet along with one Assembly Line Cardmaking formula to create an 8-pack of silly cards. I grabbed a more "mature" Club Scrap kit from my stash: Artifacts. One of my faves.

Formula: 6 of Clubs, double batch.
Materials: 12x12 Artifacts Dark Aqua Plain, 12x12 Artifacts Light Aqua Plain, 8.5x11 Artifacts Orange Print, 8.5x11 Artifacts Light Teal Print (Try this with your new Navajo collection!)

In keeping with my reputation for being "the efficient crafter," you'll need to know that you can pick up the Card Making Idea Deck anytime so that you can get busy crafting and saving time!

You're as tarp as a shack!

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