Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kissing isn't just for Valentine's Day

Hetty Sanders, a very talented and creative Club Scrap member from the Netherlands, hosts a technique challenge each month on our chat forum. This month's challenge is to use a stamp "kissing" technique, which basically means that you ink a solid stamp, and then stamp another image onto the stamp. Just like "the real deal," there are many methods to stamp kissing. :) The challenge submissions this month have been absolutely exceptional, and I wanted to give 'er a try, as well.

I began with the wood mounted stamp from Sparkle and inked it with Ruby. Ink well, my friends. . . just like a nice coat of lipstick!!!

Next take another image. I used the pattern from the Navajo Club Scrap JR unmounted sheet and inked it with India Black.

Stamp the pattern image onto the solid inked stamp. Be careful not to slide that second stamp. This is not a French kiss, my friends.

Stamp your kissed image onto some awesome Club Scrap paper. And just 'cuz, I stamped it twice without re-inking. Wanted to get as much mileage out of this kiss as possible.

Then, add some text. I like this quote from the yet-to-be-released Navajo Club Stamp unmounted sheet. "Have faith, brighter days are coming." (Spoiler!!!)

Now that you're all warmed up, try it again. For this version, I used the nifty four-square tile image from the Club Scrap JR Tilescapes unmounted sheet, and added the daisy from "Little Blessings." (Lagoon and India Black inks used here.) Next thing you know, you're looking through your entire stamp stash for kissable images! But then you realize that you have a deadline to meet, so you have to stop, and that's irritating.

Before I go, I wanted to mention something here on this photo. Do you see my nifty Club Scrap Desk Blotter? Notice that I've stamped my unmounted greeting images onto the grid. After I place the image onto the acrylic block, I stamp onto the grid to double check that the quote is perfectly aligned. If I need to adjust, I'd rather do it here than on my final project! This has saved me much heartache.

And my final kissed cards. . .


  1. Replies
    1. Your use of the "Study in Red" wood mounted stamp literally forced me over the edge. Great idea!

  2. He Tricia, thanks for the credit! Your cards came out great.
    Big KISS from acros the pond!

  3. You're a good kisser Miss Tricia! You make it look so easy. I struggled forever trying to find the right CS stamps. Perfecto!!

    1. Thanks, Chrissie! I think I need to keep looking for more opportunities to try the technique. The ideas just keep piling up in the forum!