Friday, November 4, 2011

Tilescapes Watercolor Rainbow Technique

I was working on the November Tilescapes Greetings to Go card set. After finishing this particular card I thought, "Hey--that's nifty!"

You like?

Then, Rita came into my office and asked me how I did it.

And who could resist a technique like that when you have that wonderful quote? I mean, it's perfect! It's from the Tilescapes Unmounted Borders & Backgrounds.

Oooh. . . that reminds me. . . check out that fun brayered background. There's a full article on that in the November Scrap Rap magazine. Go there. But not yet. Cuz you have to see this. . . 

Didjya see that yummy desk blotter? Didjya? You have to have one. Or three. They work good as placemats in your dining room, too.

OK. Now go make some rainbows.

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