Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Upcycled Dictionary Page

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The CS Artist Team was given a challenge this month to create something inspired by a collaborative mood board on Pinterest. Hetty posted a nifty card and I used it as a launching point for a few combined ideas. This is the result of my experimentation:

Here are the steps to re-create the card . . .

1. Tear out a page from an old dictionary. (I selected the "botanicals" page, which incidentally contains the word "botfly." Oh, well.) Place the large collage image from the Botanicals Collection UM onto an acrylic block.

2. Stamp the image on the page with CS Sandstone ink. Don't be like me. Thoroughly clean the stamp before inking with Sandstone.

3. Color the stamped image with watercolor pencils.

4. The Sandstone ink will disappear behind the applied colors and you will feel like a brilliant free-hand artist.

5. Lightly blend the colors with a water brush and allow the paper to dry.

6. Place the ruler over the stamped image extending .25" past the outside edge of the frame and tear away the excess dictionary paper. Repeat for all sides.

7. Nest the art panel onto a Brown matte and Green card base.

8. Add a few random outlines and squiggles to the image with a white gel pen, if desired.

9. Add a greeting and deliver the card to Kay Williamson to be photographed.

I can't wait to try the same technique with other images! I have tons of dictionary pages to use . . .

Now it's time to see what Donna Nuce has been up to with her Botanicals collection!