Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Card Carrier Tutorial

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My personal challenge was to make something practical to hold the dozen-ish cards I create each month with the Club Stamp paper pack. By the time you add envelopes, it's a nice-sized stack that deserves a good home.

Just perfect for gifting!

Not knowing if it was going to turn out, I didn't take any "step-out" photos along the way, but with the help of the following directions, a few sketches and Kay's beautiful images, I figure you can create one quite easily.

New Update: I have a video tutorial for you and more examples HERE.

1. Trim two 12x12 Tan Prints from the Lite kit to 6.75x12". 

2. Score one 6.75x12 Tan Print horizontally at 1, 5.75, 6.75 and 11.5". Rotate the paper 90 degrees to the right, and score at 1".

3. Score the other 6.75x12 Tan Print horizontally at .5, 5.25, 6.25 and 11". Rotate the paper 90 degrees to the right; score at 1". (Note: This mirrors the scoring in step two.)

4. Use a scissors to cut darts within the 1" scored area at the bottom of each piece as shown in the diagrams. Cut along all remaining solid lines with a ruler and craft knife. The angled lines end 4" from the top edge of the paper. Carefully confirm the location of the 1" and 1/2" tabs as indicated in the diagram to successfully create the "mirrored" pockets.

5. Fold along all score lines and adhere tabs to create the angled pockets. Place the 1" tab on the outside of the pockets.

6. Trim a sheet of 12x12 Black Plain to 5-7/8x12". Score horizontally at 4-7/8 and 7-1/8". Fold along score lines to create the outside of the carrier. If your scoring tool does not have 1/8" measurements, simply measure and mark with a ruler; align the marked spot with a groove on the board and score.

7. Adhere the pockets to the inside of the carrier, flush with the bottom edge of the paper and resting directly next to the inner score lines.

 8. Add panels to the outside cover and inner spine. If desired, use the following papers/sizes:
  • (2) 4.5x5.5" Red Plains - outside cover
  • (2) 4.25x5.25" Tan Prints - outside cover
  • 2x5.5" Red Plain - outside spine cover
  • 1.75x5.25" Tan Print - outside spine cover
  • 2x5.75" Tan Print - inside spine cover

9. Insert cards into the pockets, close the carrier and create a band closure with two connected 1x10" strips of Black Plain.

10. Decorate further with stamped images, nested die cut shapes, etc.

Now that my cards have such a happy home, I figure this will be "volume one." Wouldn't a whole series of these made with different kit designs be absolutely adorable?

And you're off to see what Marya is cooking up next at A Notebook Novel. Thanks for your visit!