Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Get Well Tissue Box

Thanks for joining us for the Club Scrap Constellations blog hop!

I couldn't wait to create this tissue box featuring handmade pockets for lotion, lip balm, tea, etc. Whether you have a friend battling the flu, a bad cold or even suffering the loss of a loved one, I think it would be handy to keep several of these at the ready. The Constellations collection was perfect for the project, but I could see it in many different themes made to match your home decor, etc.

A custom pocket for one of my favorite teas.
A custom lip balm/hand lotion pocket.
You can add panels to an existing box to keep it simple, or just go ahead and construct the entire thing out of Club Scrap paper. Here's how it works:

1. Trim two sheets of 12x12 Navy to 10.25x10.25. Score each sheet at 5 and 9.25. Rotate and score at 3 and 7.25". Use a ruler, craft knife and cutting mat to create flaps, as shown. The height of the short flaps is 1.75".

2. Trim a 4" square from a 12x12 White Print and create a round opening with a circle cutter or die cutting machine. Use a craft knife and ruler to create an opening in one of the Navy box panels with a scored area of 4.25" square.

3. Adhere a short tab on one of the box panels to the inside edge of the second box panel, as shown.

4. Adhere the other short tab to form the "cube". Fold in the short flaps and adhere the long flaps on ONE end of the cube, leaving the other end open.

5. Open a boutique-sized tissue box and study how the tissue is positioned in the box in relation to the opening. (It's really quite clever how it works.)

6. Place the tissue into the new, handmade box, being careful to duplicate the positioning of the tissue.

7. Close the other end of the cube and layer the prepared 4x4" panel to the top of the box.

8. If desired, trim four additional 4x4.75" White Print panels and nest onto the four outside panels of the box. Embellish with additional Constellations items and handmade pockets.

9. To make the pockets, determine the desired depth, width and height. The tea bag pocket is made from a 3.5x6.75 sheet of paper. Score horizontally at 1.5, 2, 4.75, and 5.25". Score vertically at 1.5 and 2". Remove a 2" square from the upper left and right corners by cutting along the score lines and fold to create the box.

And there you have it!

How 'bout it. Does this project totally "blow you away"? It's nothing to sneeze at.
I tried.

Perhaps it's time for you to hop along before I come up with anymore bad puns. Your next stop will be at Marya's fabulous blog, A Notebook Novel.

To your health!