Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Navigation Leather Bound Journal

Welcome to Club Scrap's Navigation blog hop!

The previous stop was with Lilian Yeh Forsyth, and the whole thing began with Karen Wyngaard at Club Scrap.

CS staffer Brenda Nejedlo is the ultimate Goodwill shopper. Every time I compliment her on a sharp outfit, she replies, "Goodwill!" I asked her to pick up a leather jacket on her next trip to the store with the intent to disassemble the jacket and use the leather for some handmade book covers. (That was in July.)

I knew this was the perfect time to finally try my hand at a leather bound journal.

I began by using a sharp craft knife to cut away a large piece of leather from the jacket. I removed the lining and tried to preserve as much of the soft leather as possible. (Brenda did a terrific job finding me an XXL long men's jacket!)

The leather piece will determine the size of the book. Once that's calculated, pierce a column of stitching holes for each signature. I used five two-page signatures and placed the third signature in the center of the leather with the help of my handy 3x14" Grid Ruler.

Fold and pierce the signature pages to match the pierced holes on the cover.

Sew the pages into the book cover with waxed linen thread.

Embellish the outside cover with a row of die cut compass ribbon from the Club Stamp kit.. Adhere with a Glue Pen. (This is such cool ribbon!)

To make a closure for the book, simply trim a narrow strip of leather. I tied two strips together to make it long enough.

Decorate the inside pages of the book with printed cutaparts from the Navigation collection.

I am very pleased with how my first upcycled leather bound book came together. I hope you're inspired to give it a try! Off to Goodwill . . . 

Your next stop on the hop is with Donna Coughlin. Enjoy!


Saturday, December 19, 2015

Watercolor Christmas Meets Moroccan Spice

I'm happy to be hopping with Club Scrap's Watercolor Christmas collection. If you'd like to see the full list of participants, click HERE.

One of my favorite things on the unmounted stamp sheet is the set of four words in a simple, well-spaced font: peace, love, joy and believe.

I decided to marry a stamped image from Club Scrap's Moroccan Spice kit, several sheets of embossed paper, and a single word from the set to make a pair of multi-layered, elegant cards.

I chose a white card base with kraft, black and red panels. I can imagine this in so many color combinations. The raised surface of the embossed kraft layer was rubbed with Club Scrap's Sandstone ink.

This is a simple design that could *efficiently* be made in mass quantities for your official holiday greeting.

If you haven't already seen my fun "watercolory" creations with this collection, be sure to check out my technique video featuring the adorable snowman image and Derwent watercolor pencils.

Have a blessed holiday surrounded by those you love! Your hopping journey will continue with Josette Trunnell.


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Moroccan Paper Purse Tutorial

I'm crafting at home today . . . one of my favorite things to do! I had all sorts of plans for Club Scrap's Moroccan Spice blog hop, but when I saw a "paper purse" notecard holder at the One of a Kind Expo in Madison last weekend, I just had to figure out how to make one.

Turns out, it's super-easy!

Trim a 12x12 Purple Print at 11.5, 11 and 9".

Score the 9x12 horizontally at 1, 5.25, 6.75 and 11". Score vertically at 1.5 and 7.5". Cut along the center two score lines to create two tabs. Fold on all score lines. The 1x9" scored areas are folded plain side out to create decorative flaps for the purse. Adhere the side walls, and use brads to attach the handles.

Next, make some 4.25x5.5" notecards with the gorgeous Club Stamp Quad Prints.

I picked up a few new die cuts while at the expo last weekend, so I had to use them on the cards. The "Distressed Baptisia Collage" corners by Memory Box looked great with these prints.

And my new "thanks" and "celebrate" die cuts by Poppy Stamps were applied with Club Scrap's Glue Pen.

I can't believe how quickly and easily this project came together. I think I'll use it as a hostess gift for my talented sister-in-law Barb, who hosts a delicious Thanksgiving feast for the family every year. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

It's time to hop along for more inspiration from Josette Trunell.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Book in a Faux Book

Thanks for participating in Club Scrap's Big Top blog hop!

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I found a unique Pin featuring four pieces of accordion-folded paper interlocked to make a frame. It turned out to be an easy and inspiring project that houses an actual book within a faux book.

Follow these steps to create the basic book structure:

1. Trim (2) 6.75x9" and (2) 5.25x9" pieces of Big Top White Plain, grain short. Score each sheet horizontally every .75". For best results, score at .75, 2.25, 3.75, 5.25, 6.75 and 8.25". Flip the paper to the other side and score at 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6 and 7.5". This scoring method will create alternating ridges/valleys for a perfect accordion fold.

2. Accordion fold each sheet, placing the "bump" of the score on the inside of the fold. Add Earth ink to the edge of each mountain fold with a CS Ink Applicator.

3. Interlock the folds of one 6.75 and one 5.25" piece to create a right angle.

4. Connect the remaining pieces in the same manner to make a rectangular frame.

5. Adhere the outside flaps at each corner with a Glue Pen. Leave the remaining accordion folds free of adhesive to ensure the frame expands and flattens easily.

6. Trim a 7x11.75" Orange Plain, grain short. Score horizontally at 5-3/8 and 6-3/8". (If your Scor-Pal does not have lines every 1/8", slide the paper 1/8" to the right, and score at 5.5 and 6.5".) Fold along the score lines to create an outer cover for the frame. Adhere the frame to the cover. I also chose to adhere the left edge of the frame to the spine of the cover.

7. Decorate with printed/plain papers and cutaparts from the Big Top collection. Create a  3.5x5" stitch bound book to place into the nook created by the accordion frame.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your next stop is with the talented and creative Lilian Yeh Forsyth at The Leaf Studio!

See you next month . . .

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Faux Wheat Grass in a Pot

Welcome to my stop on the Club Scrap Transformations Blog Hop!

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Have you noticed those little pots of wheat grass decorators place in restaurants, spas, and hotels? I always think it looks so fresh and trendy!


I revisited a technique I learned from Michael Strong and created a silver pot of wheat grass for the front of this card.

Follow these steps to create the grass and silver pot . . .

1. Make a narrow fold in the edge of a 5x12" strip of Dark Green. The length of the paper does not matter. Scraps are perfect for this technique.

2. Cut along the edge of the fold to remove it. The result is a very thin, sturdy piece of "faux wheat grass."

3. Repeat the folding and cutting process to make a small crop of grass.

4. Trim each blade in half at a slight angle to create a more natural look to the cut edges.

5. Stamp the UM tile image from the Art Nouveau UM stamp sheet with embossing ink onto Dk. Teal Plain and sprinkle with metallic silver embossing powder.

6. Heat the powder to melt.

7. Trim away the four squares to create a smaller square pot for this card. (Use the original length for a larger application.)

8. Stamp a 4.25x6.25 Lt. Turquoise panel with the bamboo leaf image (Art Nouveau UM) and Sandstone ink.

9. Plan the appropriate number of grass pieces and positioning on the panel in a "dry run."

10. Adhere the grass to the art panel with a CS® Glue Pen.

11. Apply adhesive and Foam Adhesive Circles to the pot to accommodate the dimension of the grass. Cover the cut/glued ends of the grass with the pot.

12. Place additional elements and a stamped sentiment (Borders & Backrounds) onto the panel and nest onto a Brown matte and 5x7" folded card base. ("Hello" die cut from Memory Box.)

I think this technique could make some fun wall art, as well. I hope you give it a whirl!

Your next stop is with Hetty at Craft Chaos.

Efficiently yours,