Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How to Make 100 Quick Christmas Cards

Welcome to Club Scrap's Holiday Hop. There is no better time to be efficient than when your objective is to make 100 pseudo-handmade Christmas cards. I have a system I've been using for a few years now, and it works quite well.

Here it is:

1. Create a 4x6" digital Christmas card. In the past, I've used digital templates, but this year I branched out and created my own with the help of the Homemade Holiday Digital Kit. I was able to print 100 photos of my card for just $10 at my local Walgreen's, and they were ready within an hour. If you go with the store's pre-designed "Christmas Card Photos," you'll pay a premium.

2. Address A6 envelopes to all card recipients. Use a stencil to keep lines straight, or mail merge your addresses onto labels. Use a nice pen, like this wonderful Black Gel Pen included in the Reunion Lite kit.

3. Select papers to coordinate with the printed photo cards. I chose the 8.5x11 Wine Plain from Cinema and 12x12 Tan Plain from the bulk paper packs.

4. Trim (33) 8.5x11" sheets of Wine Plain into 4.25x6.25" panels. Trim (17) sheets of 12x12" Tan plain into 4x6" panels. This will give you roughly 100 of each.

5. Use the Homemade Holiday UM Stamps to design the Tan panel of the card. Don't get too crazy here. You'll have to stamp each image 100 times. I bore easily, so I stamped them in batches.

6. Whenever you need a stamping break, switch to signing the cards with your new gel pen.

7. Pop in your favorite Christmas tunes or a holiday movie to get you through this tedious part. 

8. Adhere the photo to the front of the 4.25x6.25 Wine panel. Nest the 4x6 Tan panel onto the back. Slide the photo card into the envelope. Repeat 99 times.

9. Add a pre-printed return address label and postage.

The first photo in this series was taken at 11:24am. The final photo was taken at 1:03pm. I had my Christmas cards completed in just ninety minutes! (This does not include creating the digital card or addressing the envelopes.) I shall happily go check this task off my list.

Your next stop on the Holiday Hop is Hetty Sanders at Craft Chaos.

Have a blessed Christmas!


  1. Wow Tricia all 100 stamped and written! You are awesome! Enjoy your holiday and Merry Christmas to you all. xx (from Raymond too!)

  2. Totally awesome Tricia. When did you say you were coming to Florida to do mine? Merry Christmas to you all.

  3. WOW - that's awesome! You really are an efficient crafter to get it done in that amount of time... I'm so impressed :) Thanks for sharing your secret!

  4. Tricia you rocked the Christmas card assembly line this year!! These cards are so beautiful!!! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

  5. Tricia! You are a machine! OK, I am creating mine at lunch, printing at Walgreens and picking up after work. Hope I am as fast as you!

  6. Wow nice job, I did 75 homemade ones this year, I'm thinking next year of going your route!!

  7. Quick and they are darling! Love it, thank you!

  8. How cool to have them all done! I'm still making cards for special family members. Merry Christmas Tricia!

  9. how cute and they were pretty fast

  10. Really nice, Tricia! Personal, creative, and efficient! Of course it was kind of handy to have 50 sheets of coordinating paper right out there in the warehouse. (wink)
    Merry Christmas and a hug!

  11. WOW - you really are the "efficient crafter" 100 cards in 1-1/2 hrs - that's amazing

  12. Wow ... this was very close to the procedure I had envisioned for my cards this year! I'm so happy to see how you did it, to eliminate the guesswork on my own project! Great job!

  13. Still a handmade card but with the photos everyone craves with Xmas cards. I would love a digi-for-dummies step out of how to make the photo part. *wink* I think I'm going to do this next year!