Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Four-Flap Card Formula

Thanks for participating in the Cinema Blog Hop sponsored by Club Scrap!

I often discover fun techniques showcased at Split Coast Stampers, and I fell in love with the simplicity of this interlocking four-flap card design.

Naturally, it's always my goal to find an efficient way to make several at a time. This formula will make four cards. (I only made two because I didn't sketch things out ahead of time. Oops there. I should know better.) The papers for these cards came from the Cinema Club Stamp paper pack.

Here are the cutting instructions . . . 

1. Trim one 8.5x11 Text Weight Print horizontally at 8-3/8, 5-3/4, 5 and 2-1/2". Cut each 2-1/2x8-1/2 horizontally at 6-1/2, 4-1/2, 4 and 2". Trim each 2-5/8x8-1/2 horizontally at 6-5/8, 4-3/4, 3-3/4 and 1-7/8". Sorry about all of the 8ths there . . . it couldn't be helped.

2.  Score two 8.5x11 Aqua Plains horizontally at 2.75 and 8.25". Make an additional scoreline next to the initial scores to improve card functionality. (Watch video for tips.) Trim vertically at 4.25".

3. Score two 8.5x11 Wine Plains vertically at 2-1/8 and 6-3/8". Add a second scoreline directly next to the first to improve card functionality. Trim horizontally at 5.5".

4. Trim one 8.5x11 White Plain vertically at 8 and 4". Cut each 4x11 horizontally at 10.5 and 5.25".

This is how it works . . .

1.  Fold each horizontal/vertical card base along the scorelines and burnish with a bone folder.

2. Adhere a vertical card base on top of a horizontal card base. The inner scored areas will be the same size.

3. Fold in the flaps, starting with the left, bottom, and then right flaps. Tuck the final top flap beneath the first flap, just as you would if you were closing a cardboard box.

4. Nest the corresponding panels to the flaps according to size.

5. Attach a stamped, matted sentiment (from the Cinema Greeting UM) to one of the flaps.

6. Stamp the 4x5.25" White Panels and nest onto the inside of each card.

7. Tah-dah! Except you'll have four cards. I only have two and will have to endure the pain of several useless scraps of printed text weight paper. I will just sit here now and cry softly into my Kleenex.

You can transfer these formulas to past and future Club Stamp paper collections with ease. Give it a try!

The next stop will be with our Dutch friend Hetty Sanders at Craft Chaos.

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  1. Love it, I'll use this formula often!

  2. Tricia you must have been a geometry specialist in a previous life. Love this really simple and easy formula.

  3. What a fun way to make cards! I can see the receiver opening and closing the flaps over and over again just amazed at the creativity. Thanks for the instructions--just love when you take someone's idea and Tricia-cize it!

  4. Thanks for the formula! Now you understand why it's hard to use up my stash for the blog hop!! At least you can go out to the warehouse and grab another sheet for later ;)

  5. Great formula Tricia! I am sure you will figure out what to do with those scraps you have left since you are so creative! Have a great day!

  6. These are some very cool cards Tricia - can't wait to try this formula out! And I love your new profile picture - just as lovely as the cards! :)

  7. Tricia I almost used the same tutorial for Cinema cards for my blog post too, so grateful I did not and got to enjoy yours instead.So neat!

  8. Wow, great formula you so nicely shared! Love these interactive cards and such a fun way to enjoy the Club Stamp coordinating prints!

  9. wow what a great set of cards and thanks for the formula and video!

  10. Oh Tricia, I just love this efficient approach to this card! Thanks for all the details.

  11. Very cool! I'm always looking for interesting ways to make cards different Gonna do this one for sure!

  12. Fun cards and so much easier with a formula and that makes wasting paper nearly impossible.

  13. Always something wonderful brewing here. Great card!

  14. What fun cards! I never thought to make them with 2 different colors of cs before. Something so simple but it makes such a difference!

  15. This is a great idea for fun cards. I'm always looking for cards that can include a gift card. This is a great way to make sure it does not fall out. I love having a formula. Thanks

  16. May I just say I love the new picture! You look like . . . I just saw you! And the card technique is great! I will definitely try it. Thanks!
    Beth M

  17. Another great technique, Tricia, and thank you for the formula. I can't wait to give it a try. I know I have a CST paper pack (or 2 or 3...) laying around somewhere!

  18. What a great new idea for cards! It can be used for so many things! Love it!