Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jumping on the Gelli Plate Bandwagon

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This is what happens in Wisconsin in November: My husband goes hunting, and I escape to my at-home crafting space for some relaxing experimentation.

I could have played. All. Day.

Dang laundry.

I got out some acrylic paints, a brayer, my Fire & Ice stamps, and a 6x6 Gelli Plate.

This is what happened. Just look at that big pile of experimentation!

So, I decided to make a few cards from my two favorite tag panels created with some help from those Fire & Ice stamps.

1. Trim the panels into 1x1" squares.

2. Trim a piece of Grafix Double Tack Mounting Film (included in the CS Fire & Ice kit) to 5x7". Peel away the backing from one side of the adhesive film.

3. Attach the squares to the film in rows, alternating colors.

4. Stand back and admire the completed art panel.

5. Peel away the backing from the other side of the film and layer onto a matte.

6. Stamp something clever onto a white panel with India Black ink and matte with black paper.

7. Add some ribbon to the panel in criss-cross fashion. Nest the panel to a folded card base.

8. Finish the card and hand it over to Kay to be photographed. (Lucky me, to have Kay right down the hall with her camera and those mad skills.)

9. Make a few more cards. Trust me. You won't want to stop.

10. Pause for a group photo.

There you have it. Ten easy steps to some great cards.

Let me just say---much more to come on the Gelli Printing Plates! Watch for them to appear in the store along with some "how to" if you need the inspiration!

Your next stop is already seven hours ahead of me. Take a big hop across the pond to Hetty Sanders in the Netherlands at Craft Chaos!

Thank you for hopping with me!


  1. very pretty cards! I hadn't heard about these Gelli plates before!
    :) Marie

  2. Tricia, I definitely need one of these plates! Your backgrounds came out super! Love the bold dramatic affects you achieved on each card. Thanks for sharing.

  3. So much fun! I'll be watching for the Gelli plates in the store! (Anne Marie was recently saying that she wished CS would create some projects with the Gelli plates! Spot on!)

  4. Just love the quilted look on the panel of the Love card. Looking forward to seeing more with the Gelli plates.

  5. I love my gelli plates but Tricia you know they are totally addictive. Your versatile use of prints is just awesome and I will most definitely be casing your idea. Thank you very much.

  6. These are amazing in person! The texture is very cool. Love how the cards turned out, Tricia!

  7. Truly Wonderful color and texture! I have a gelli plate, but have not used it yet. I'm curious how you reversed the stamp "love" image. I'd love to see a general video tutorial.

  8. Not sure about you, but we love it when your husband goes hunting, and you have time to create, and we get drool over your creations! It's fun to get to photo your projects at the office...then I selfishly get to take an even closer look at your art techniques, always very inspiring!

  9. Tricia! These are awesome! Like Marie said, Anne Marie introduced the gelli plates to us and we definitely want to see what Club Scrap can do with these! Can't wait for them to appear in the store so I can recreate your awesome examples here.

  10. I love these cards! Now I want a gelli plate!

  11. I LOVE my Gelli Plate!!!!! So much fun and so incredibly addicting. Great way to use all those Club Scrap stencils!!!! Love what you did with yours!

  12. So glad to see you had fun playing with the gelli plate. Your cards turned out somuch fun and vibrant.

  13. Gelli Printing Plates, cant't wait to hear more about those. I love the 1 inch card. They are all so beautiful!

  14. OH! Aren't the gelli plates loads of fun? I love mine and your creations are lovely!

  15. Oh, I can't wait! I can't wait! I love the gelli plate! Your cards are awesome - thanks for the inspiration!

  16. I lov Gelli Printing!!! Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. I am soooo addicted to my Gelli plate (I have all four sizes). Thanks for the great ideas!

  18. Wow, this is cool. Can't wait to see more about Gelli Plates!

  19. Lovely cards and stamps. Wish we could get them in the UK

    1. Club Scrap ships internationally! There are members from around the world. I'm wondering if the stamp kit would work even better now that it's shipped in a flat envelope rather than a box.

  20. I love those (very) rare days of quiet craftiness! Can Kay come do my photos?

  21. Thanks for your inspiration, Tricia to get back using my homemade Gelli plate.