Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gelatos, meet Tribal.

Hi, Tribal Blog Hop Folks!
Hello, Gelato lovers!

If you bounced here from Deb Weller's Blog, you've arrived at the right place on the hop.

After spending the weekend playing with Faber-Castell Gelatos at the Chicago Scrapbook Expo, I was dying to show you a few techniques made with the Tribal stamps and stencils. These are not brand new techniques, but certainly fun for review!

Add a few "bands of color" with the Gelatos. Be sure one color runs into the next.
Ignore the blue streak. That wasn't supposed to be there.
Blend the Gelatos from top to bottom with a water brush. Dry the panel with a heat tool.
Stamp with the UM Tribal image with India Black ink. Bold images wok great for this.
Tribal images are bold. See the correlation?
Add a greeting and a black matte. Black mattes make everything look even better. Don't they?
Finish the card. Don't stop there.
Mist the Tribal Lite Masking Stencil with water. Color the stencil with assorted Gelatos.
Re-mist the stencil to add moisture. Press a piece of paper onto the wet stencil.
Lift up the paper, and hopefully you'll say, "Wow!" See the little white spot on the panel?
That happened because the stencil was too dry in that area.
Don't be like me.
Without adding more color, mist the stencil again, and press a second sheet onto the wet stencil. 
Do that again.
And again.
And again.
Now that the color is finally fading, lift the stencil from your work surface and wipe off the craft sheet.
Place the used stencil onto a piece of paper, Gelato side up.
"Clean" the stencil by rubbing with a baby wipe. (Thanks to Cathy Gray for the technique!)
The remaining color will transfer to the paper beautifully!
Who knew? Two jobs in one: make art; clean your stencil.
And your finished cards, about 30 minutes later . . .

OK, so this is a blog hop, and there will be more inspiration to come! Your next stop is Hetty Sanders' Blog, Craft Chaos. See you there! If you get lost, simply go back to the Club Scrap Blog.

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****Update: I said I would announce a winner on Tuesday, but it's Thursday. A day that also begins with the letter "T". Labor Day really messed with me this week. Our randomly generated number was 19, which landed me on Diana Enns' comment! Congratulations! You'll be getting something fun from CS!

Aiming to inspire,