Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bookbinding Glue, You're Back.

Oh, how I've missed it. The feeling of dried CS® Bookbinding Glue on my fingers and on the side seam of my jeans. The wonderful substance spreading its way over an outside cover wrap with the help of my foam brush. . .

Sorry. Got a little caught up in the reverie.

In case you haven't heard. . . now that the cold winter is over and Bookbinding Glue can safely be transported around the world, it's finally back in stock!

First thing I did was make a bunch of notepads with paper scraps from various projects from around the warehouse. Here's how 'ya do it:

1. Stack the paper as neatly as possible on at least one edge.

2. Clip the papers firmly together with binder clips.

3. Brush a generous coat of CS® Bookbinding Glue onto the edge. Allow the glue to dry.

4. Repeat. Allow the glue to dry clear.

5. Remove the binder clip. The stack of papers is now a notepad!

Quick, go make some nifty notepads!


  1. NOW that is a stack of notepads! I LOVE CS BOOK BINDING GLUE!!!
    So happy to have my huge 32oz bottle on my desk!

  2. This is exactly why I ordered last week the 32 oz jug o' glue. I want to make a pile o' pads myself.

  3. You know, selling those remnants to us so we can make such notepads would ;)

  4. So happy CS Bookbinding Glue is back and available! Love all those great note pads, gotta use my scraps for that!

  5. You can get the bookbinding glue from Club Scrap by following this link: