Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome Home, Dad!

My dad is a "snowbird". He drives from Wisconsin to Arizona in November, and drives all the way home in late April. He made the journey home with my sister Ruth and arrived safely on Saturday night. And he's back just in time for his 75th birthday!

This is my Dad and my sister, Beth, when we were visiting Dad back in February.

With these AZ connections, I have a special place in my heart for the Adobe art style. Looks like I've got Dad's birthday card all set to go!

There are just a few Adobe items left at the warehouse. . . check 'em out here.

Dad, I'm so glad that you're home!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Brayered Sunset Technique

I've never really been good friends with my brayer. But maybe it's fair to say now that we're pals. Doing these colorful brayered backgrounds is a trial and error thing. You've gotta have the right sort of paper, a bit of patience, great inks and images to work with, and a willingness to experiment.

Take five to check out this video so that you can see how it's done.

I took too long to add the Fuchsia ink, and the bright lights of the studio dried the Topaz ink too quickly, so it has a sort of sharp line between the two colors. But you get the idea.

Here's the other bummer. The stamps that I used on this demo have already sold out! But don't fear. . . for now, this sheet is still available, and it will work beautifully. And wait 'til you see the Club Stamp sheet coming out on the 20th!!! Oh, my, heavens.

Happy brayering! And happy stamping! And happy sailing!