Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Come Fly Away. . .

Going along with the trend to be cleverly simple (and efficient), I set out to make a card that would create a few smiles. Dinah came into my office, took one look at the card, and smiled. Mission accomplished.

Here's what you'll need:

Jubilee Balloons Duo Stamp
4x9.25" Scored Card (8x9.25 scored at 4")
3.75x9" Fuchsia Panel (All That Jazz)
3.25x8.5 Aqua Panel (Cruisin')
Cork Board and Paper Piercing Tool (push pin, in this case)
Black PITT Pen (or black marker
India Black and Lagoon CS® Inks
20" Black Waxed Linen Thread
Bookbinding Needle
Common Threads UM Greeting Stamp

Here's all of the stuff. Well, most of it. Grab a scissors, too. And the greeting stamp.

Stamp the duo balloon image onto the upper portion of the Aqua panel with CS® Lagoon Ink.

Use the PITT Pen to outline the outside edges of the two balloons. (Don't spend a lot of time on this.)
Pierce a hole on each side of the indented balloon tail with your push pin or paper piercing tool.

Thread the waxed linen onto the needle and enter into the far left stitching hole, front to back, leaving a 2" tail. Stitch back up through the neighboring hole and tie the threads together to form a knot. Enter the left hole of the second balloon and return to the front from the nearest stitching hole. Tie the other ends of the thread together, leaving a long thread loop between the balloons, as shown.
This shows it a wee bit closer. Not difficult, promise.

Trim the loop and tie ends into a knot. Trim thread tails.
Stamp your birthday greeting and nest the panel onto a second panel and card. Stand back, and smile!