Friday, March 9, 2012

Case 'o Candles

I frequently find myself getting sucked into the vortex of Pinterest. I found some "Pinspiration" again. . . an adorable card with some "hand rolled" candles. I suppose that surfing Pinterest for a few, uh, minutes every day should result in some creativity of my own!

Here's my version of the candle card:

The kicker? I remembered that I had this awesome stamped quote about birthday candles from the Concrete Jungle UM Stamps. And this rockin' sheet of unmounted images is still available!!! For now. Wahoo!

Take a 5.5x8.5 Tan paper and fold in half to make a 4.25x5.5" card. Trim a piece of Culinary Burgundy to 4.25x5.5 and tear away all four sides.

Stamp the torn panel with the images of your choice. I used the postage stamp images from the 2011 Club Scrap retreat. Don't attach the panel to the card quite yet.
Next, gather up some double sided tape, hemp fiber, a wooden dowel, and a 2.75x2.75 piece of text weight paper (I used the Just Dandy Golden Text.)
Check for the grain direction of your paper square. We're gonna roll this paper, so you want to roll it in the direction of the grain so that it doesn't look all pathetic and crumpled when you're done. Place some double stick tape on the edge of the paper, and add a 1" piece of hemp to the end to make your faux candle wick.
Roll, baby roll. Roll the paper right around the dowel. End with the double stick taped edge. Slide the rolled paper off the dowel. At this point, you'll know if you had the grain direction figured out correctly!

Stamp that silly UM candle quote onto a piece of paper with black ink and tear away the bottom edge.

As long as you have that hemp fiber handy, tie a bow and staple the whole works onto the card panel. Attach your candle to the card with that wonderful stuff called CS® Bookbinding Glue.

Write your "happy birthday old guy" on the inside of the card, pop it into an envelope, and hand deliver that gem to someone who will get a good laugh out of it.

Enjoy the pinspiration! Now, go forth and efficiently make one of your own.


  1. Tricia, this is so cute! Love it!

  2. I came from LinkedIn~new follower!!I love supporting our group!! I'll be back to visit more~love the card and the way you presented your blog post:):)

    1. Thanks for stopping in, Connie! Amazing how the internet connects us!

  3. Hello -
    I'm here via your post on LinkedIn - and now Following - Nice to 'meet' you! ;-}
    Keep in touch!