Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Circle Cards

The "Full Circle" collection has lovely, warm, rich colors. I adore them.

And the circular art is so very, very happy.

So I decided to make some happy cards with an infusion of brighter colors.

Each one is made with a folded 5-1/2x8-1/2" card and a 4x5-1/4" panel. Specifically, Welcome Red, Salmon and Aqua with Castaway Teal.

I find that tone on tone stamping works fabulously with this collection of papers and stamps. Here, Club Scrap's Ruby ink on the Salmon paper is pretty happy. The quote is a thought-provoker, too, don't you think? I keep forgetting how old I am.
Oh, heavens. I LOVE this big circle image. If I wasn't already married, I'd marry it. Club Scrap's Lagoon ink looks great on the Aqua paper. But you have to make sure that you stamp off the edge of your paper panel, or it looks goofy. (Not happy. Goofy.)
Oooh. . . THIS quote. Another fave.
More happy circles! Stamp twice without re-inking. Then you get two layers of happiness.

So, if you would happy have these stamps, you can get them here at Club Scrap.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Like These Cards

Every month when the unmounted stamp samples arrive at Club Scrap, I get busy making cards with them. Eventually, these cards find their way into our online newsletter, on display at open houses, and then finally into my stash of cards that I can mail to friends and loved ones.

Just thought I'd show you two of them from the versatile Full Circle collection:

I like the combination of colors added to the Yellow background paper. Faber-Castell watercolor pencils (included in the Full Circle kit) were used to add color to random stamped circles. The background was made with just one stamped image.

Here's the unmounted sheet. LOVE that big guy on there. (Had to use my 8x8 Acrylic Grid Ruler as a mounting block.)

This card is so uniquely sweet. It makes me smile. Nothing complicated here. . . just some stampin' with the Club Scrap Art Nouveau unmounted sheet and a few circular die cuts.

The sheet has the image, and the reverse image, a quote, and an accent image. Lotsa potential here!

OK. . . go make something if you can get away.

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So, I went to Pinterest to copy the code for the "pin it" button. Thirty minutes later. . . UGGGGHHH.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Desk Blotter Tip #1

The title implies that there will be a Desk Blotter Tip #2. Don't let me forget!

I love my desk blotter. I've sort of become a work surface snob. Add that to my paper snobbery.

The blotter makes my stamped images look better, crisper. And I always have a fresh work surface when I want/need one. But it was those curling corners that were getting the best of me. Here's my efficient fix:

This is how you can get the goods.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Case 'o Candles

I frequently find myself getting sucked into the vortex of Pinterest. I found some "Pinspiration" again. . . an adorable card with some "hand rolled" candles. I suppose that surfing Pinterest for a few, uh, minutes every day should result in some creativity of my own!

Here's my version of the candle card:

The kicker? I remembered that I had this awesome stamped quote about birthday candles from the Concrete Jungle UM Stamps. And this rockin' sheet of unmounted images is still available!!! For now. Wahoo!

Take a 5.5x8.5 Tan paper and fold in half to make a 4.25x5.5" card. Trim a piece of Culinary Burgundy to 4.25x5.5 and tear away all four sides.

Stamp the torn panel with the images of your choice. I used the postage stamp images from the 2011 Club Scrap retreat. Don't attach the panel to the card quite yet.
Next, gather up some double sided tape, hemp fiber, a wooden dowel, and a 2.75x2.75 piece of text weight paper (I used the Just Dandy Golden Text.)
Check for the grain direction of your paper square. We're gonna roll this paper, so you want to roll it in the direction of the grain so that it doesn't look all pathetic and crumpled when you're done. Place some double stick tape on the edge of the paper, and add a 1" piece of hemp to the end to make your faux candle wick.
Roll, baby roll. Roll the paper right around the dowel. End with the double stick taped edge. Slide the rolled paper off the dowel. At this point, you'll know if you had the grain direction figured out correctly!

Stamp that silly UM candle quote onto a piece of paper with black ink and tear away the bottom edge.

As long as you have that hemp fiber handy, tie a bow and staple the whole works onto the card panel. Attach your candle to the card with that wonderful stuff called CS® Bookbinding Glue.

Write your "happy birthday old guy" on the inside of the card, pop it into an envelope, and hand deliver that gem to someone who will get a good laugh out of it.

Enjoy the pinspiration! Now, go forth and efficiently make one of your own.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Come Fly Away. . .

Going along with the trend to be cleverly simple (and efficient), I set out to make a card that would create a few smiles. Dinah came into my office, took one look at the card, and smiled. Mission accomplished.

Here's what you'll need:

Jubilee Balloons Duo Stamp
4x9.25" Scored Card (8x9.25 scored at 4")
3.75x9" Fuchsia Panel (All That Jazz)
3.25x8.5 Aqua Panel (Cruisin')
Cork Board and Paper Piercing Tool (push pin, in this case)
Black PITT Pen (or black marker
India Black and Lagoon CS® Inks
20" Black Waxed Linen Thread
Bookbinding Needle
Common Threads UM Greeting Stamp

Here's all of the stuff. Well, most of it. Grab a scissors, too. And the greeting stamp.

Stamp the duo balloon image onto the upper portion of the Aqua panel with CS® Lagoon Ink.

Use the PITT Pen to outline the outside edges of the two balloons. (Don't spend a lot of time on this.)
Pierce a hole on each side of the indented balloon tail with your push pin or paper piercing tool.

Thread the waxed linen onto the needle and enter into the far left stitching hole, front to back, leaving a 2" tail. Stitch back up through the neighboring hole and tie the threads together to form a knot. Enter the left hole of the second balloon and return to the front from the nearest stitching hole. Tie the other ends of the thread together, leaving a long thread loop between the balloons, as shown.
This shows it a wee bit closer. Not difficult, promise.

Trim the loop and tie ends into a knot. Trim thread tails.
Stamp your birthday greeting and nest the panel onto a second panel and card. Stand back, and smile!