Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Origami Envelopes and Valentine Garland

I'm just so excited about Valentine's Day this year! Kay Williamson started it. She began creating all of these super-cool cards with our in-house love-themed stuff. (Note to self: Bring Kay hot coffee tomorrow morning.) Plus, we have the amazing "Love Blooms" Event right around the corner, and I'm thrilled about how that is all coming together.

But in the spirit of Efficient Crafting, I wanted to crank out some super-quick Valentines with handmade envies to deliver to my dear friends and family this year. Plus, I was also "Pinspired" by this awesome handmade Valentine garland that you and the kids can make together. We put all of the supplies and instructions together for 'ya so that you can make some of your own with our Quick 'n Easy Valentine Card Kit.

The kit makes 16 cards using our assembly line card making techniques of speedy-quick scoring, cutting, folding, stamping and comes with all of those nifty assembly instructions.

I've also made a video that will help with the envelope and garland assembly.

What do you think? Easy enough to try for yourself? Hope the video helps.


  1. Love this Tricia and can not wait to give the envelope a try!

  2. Wonderful easy ideas! Thanks, Tricia.

  3. Such a great video tutorial!!! Thanx, Tricia!