Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Masked Band-it

I fell victim to more "Pinspiration." (That's my made-up word.) Pinterest has continued to inspire me, for sure. It also makes time evaporate into thin air. Consider yourself warned.

This is the original pin created by Susan Roberts and posted to the gallery at Split Coast Stampers.  I thought this seemed like a cleverly simple masked background.

I fancy my Faber-Castell Oil Pastels, so I thought I'd try this technique with a something besides my go-to  hybrid inks. I masked a band on a white panel with painter's tape. (Removal of this inexpensive tape is easier if you add a little lint from your jeans to the tape before sticking it onto your paper. I forgot to do this and tore the paper upon removal.)  I then carefully, and I mean carefully, scribbled some color into the masked area. 

Then I took a cloth (the same one I use to clean my stamps), and rubbed the pastels into the paper to blend the color. Pretty, isn't it? Carefully peel off that tape. (Or use a much better masking tape designed for paper, like Eclipse from JudiKins.)

Next, I stamped the trees from the Aurora Borealis Club Stamp Unmounted Sheet onto the panel. If I were to do it again, I'd try it with StazOn. Oil 'n water don't mix. So the stamping over the oil pastels looks a wee bit different than it does on the raw paper. But I still liked it enough to keep going. . . 

I added a greeting from that same UM sheet and stamped it above the masked band. And, of course, had to hide my damaged paper from my tape removal debacle with a ribbon and bow.

Next, I tried it with our Hybrid inks and a CS Ink Applicator. I used Topaz, Earth, Leaf and Moss inks.

Hindsight had me adding more intensity to my ink application. We had a nifty sprig in the Gratitude kit, so I just grabbed that one. I think it works just fine!

I allowed the inks to dictate the papers for the card base. Paisley Olive and Matrix Brown!

And there 'ya have it. . . my masked band-it! Don't just "pin it". . . try it!


  1. Oh my...this looks like a lot of fun. Your cards turned out fabulous Tricia. Now I need to go back to Gratitude. I just don't remember that sprig...I like it.

  2. Arg need time away from year end filing and tax junk to PLAY with crafty inspirational things! I'm wanting to use the Great Outdoors fir trees for this! Maybe and up and down card...thinking...planning...oh yeah-back to filing.

  3. Tricia, these cards are stunning. I love the idea of the simplicity of these cards. Clean lines. Loving the colors.

  4. I love the simplicity of these, they look wonderful. I pinned it!

  5. Wow! Thanks for the tip! Hugs, kissinia

    1. Thanks for looking! :) Glad you liked the tip, and I hope you can give 'er a try!