Thursday, January 26, 2012

Love is Blooming at the Clubhouse

Usually Valentine's Day just comes 'n goes without much of a blip on my radar screen. But 2012 continues to feel a bit different.

Prototypes of all of the Love Blooms materials have been arriving at Club Scrap, and I have been having a ball making project samples, filming the workshop videos, writing instructions, etc. (Well, maybe not the "writing instructions" part. . . not necessarily at the top of my list of favorite things in the whole wide world.)

Pursuant to Club Scrap tradition, I should really keep the results of my Love Blooms playtime tucked away safely until the big online event on February 7. However, I'm gonna break the rules just a wee bit and show 'ya some of the sweet, sweet cards that we made to fit inside Kay's amazing "Love in a Box" Project.

The half dozen cards and envelopes are created with our speedy-quick assembly line method, and I'll walk you through that on the workshop video. The cards fit right into Kay's box, along with a multi-page accordion album that pops outta the box, too.
OK, so you have to admit, this is a pretty sweet set. The postage stamp images (five of them on the UM) are gonna be terrific for year-round stamping--not just for Valentine's Day! Each "stamp" contains an image of a flower and the type of love it symbolizes. Also, we added a practical quote that says, "I love that we're friends." I think it's nice for kids who exchange valentines and would feel a little strange telling their classmates that they love them. :)

Check out that adorable sewn heart-shaped garland! (Thank heavens, no sewing required.)
Love Blooms ships soon, and I guess I just don't want you to miss out cuz you're afraid you might not like the collection. We have just a few left, so snag yours, K?


  1. Tricia, I am so looking forward to getting this collection! It is so pretty! Great job on all the cards!

  2. Tricia, I can;t wait to receive min, sure hope it is soon. Looks like these stamps will be used a bunch by me!