Saturday, January 7, 2012

Laundry Pinspiration

It was exactly one year ago that my brother and I spent some time in Arizona with my mom and dad. I've been thinking about mom and missing her a lot lately. So, in the spirit of her infamous frugality, I decided to try something that she did when she was feeling up to it. . . make homemade laundry soap. I'd stumbled upon a recipe for a "high efficiency" washer, low-suds formula on Pinterest. Cost per load: 3/1000ths of a penny. Seriously, folks. That's amazing.
I picked up the three ingredients at WalMart. They were all sitting next to each other in a row on the shelf.

I used my large stainless steel Pampered Chef bowl to make the brew and their mandolin cheese grater to grate the hard soap before melting. 
It made a huge batch of 24 cups, and it wouldn't all fit into the empty laundry soap container that I had on hand, so I put some into canning jars. It's still "concentrated" and will be combined with the same amount of water when I'm ready to use it.

In fact, I'm using some right this moment. Exciting times at the Morris house this weekend: Friday night--make laundry soap. Saturday--do laundry. All day. Oh, and do some crafting while everything is spinnin'!
Let me know if you give this a try!


  1. Love it Tricia, Heading to Walmart very soon!

  2. Just printed out the recipe and I will be trying this! Thanks for sharing, Tricia!!

  3. I have a regular washer, I wonder if it would work the same? By the way, sometimes I feel we might have been separated at birth ;)

  4. The recipe says that you just increase the amount used per load from 1/4 cup to 5/8 cup. Easy as pie!

  5. Yep, wanting to try this too. I always dislike the money I spend on a big laundry soap jug at the store over and over again.

  6. what I want to know is what you think of the "recipe's" cleaning power? how would you compare the results using this vs. your favorite brand name laundry soap? And how does is smell?

    1. I've done several rounds of laundry, and I'm equally as satisfied with my home brew. The Fels-Naptha soap included in the recipe has the strongest clean scent, but it's my understanding that you can add more scents of your choosing, as well.

      This is what I've found recommended from another site, and it's on my Amazon Wish List. ;)