Monday, January 2, 2012

It Started with a Pin

A while back my friend Lori Davis shared a "pin" with me on Pinterest.

Since then, hours have flown by as mere minutes while I perused the ever-growing resource of creative ideas on this unique website.

My craft room frenzy over the New Year's weekend was born from this pin:

It was created by Andrea Hayes, and I never would have found her if not for Pinterest. (Click the link to follow me there.)

So, I grabbed my lovely (handmade) container of watercolor pencils. . . the Art Grip Aquarelle's by Faber-Castell.

Next, I chose a set of three or four colors. You can go with anything here! Blues/Greens, Pinks/Reds, Yellows/Purples. . . you get the idea. Here, I've got the red/orage combo. I also grabbed a few 3x3" squares of light colored paper to work with.

Next, I scribbled bands of color onto the square like this:

And if you thought that was fun. . . try it a few more times with more color combinations.

Next, take a water brush or damp paint brush, and blend the colors. I just blended one color band at a time, and cleaned the brush between colors.

And since, you have everything out and ready to go, repeat.

Take some of your awesome Club Scrap unmounted stamps, and find images that will fit onto the square. I liked choosing a text and an image. Stamp onto the square with India Black ink.

Have mentioned how much I love this ink? Lots of people seem to like it. Nice, crisp images.

Gee, that was easy! Try that again. . . this time with stamps from "Birds of a Feather" from Club Scrap.

And images from the "Apothecary" collection.

Next, matte the squares with black paper. I think that really sets the whole thing off. Don't you?

Dig in your stash and find papers that match the colors on the squares. I dug for All That Jazz Fuchsia, Castaway Light Green, and Chapter One Blue.

I cut and scored the papers to create card bases and layered the art pieces onto the cards.

Here are a few more. . .

And a few more. . .

Just a few more.

OK, fine. One more.

I sewed beads onto that one with waxed linen thread. I also created color base with Faber-Castell Gelatos.

Pin It

Give it a whirl. You'll be glad you did!


  1. Now, I am going to go right up to my craft space and try creating a few of these. I needed some inspiration today, thanks.

  2. Love this idea for quick and easy cards! Thanks, T!!!


    Don't you love it when you find a technique and just can run with it!

    Inspiration is everywhere! Thanks! :)

  4. Just found my way to your blog, Tricia and welcome in blogland!
    I love youyr easy card tutorial! Happy New Year.

  5. Cool blog and cool cards, looks like a good way to knock a bunch out at once! I'm going to be more crafty in 2012, thanks for the added inspiration!

  6. Oh my gosh! Those cards are completely lovely! What a fun technique! I'm so excited about your new blog!