Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Family Card

Our 2011 family Christmas card:

The digital Christmas cards from Club Scrap make it so easy to make one of those custom photo cards. I save a ton of money on these because they're sized to a simple 4x6 print rather than the "premium priced" 4x8 prints.

Once you drop your photos into the card template, just upload it to your favorite developer as a standard print for roughly 10 cents each. Then, I could simply insert the card into an A6 envelope or add a handmade card to the mix.

So, I admit it. I'm a frugal gal.

Merry Christmas, dear friends!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Oldies But Goodies

When I think that we've been doing this Club Scrap thing for 150 consecutive months, it's pretty hard to believe. That's 150 themes, 150 paper collections, 150 art styles, 150 stamp sets, etc.

So, last night I didn't have to take Emily from point A to point B to point C, to point A. . . well, you get the idea. So I carved out a bit of time in my favorite room of the house--my craft room. (Which really needs a cleaning.)

We still have a few nifty stamps from past collections in our midst, so I thought I'd take some time to re-visit those and have some more fun!

This here is from "Wheel and Sprocket". Just sittin' here watchin' the wheels go round 'n round. . .
Stamped four times onto white stock with Lagoon, Leaf, Fuchsia and Sapphire inks. Matted with Expressions Blue and Blossom Green. Love the combo! Good card for a guy. Cuz guy have birthdays, too.

Then I grabbed my Retro Rhumba border stamp. It's gotta be one of my faves. You can use it as a "feature" image or as a background.

For this one, I just stamped it horizontally and vertically in black ink onto that pretty Blossom Purple. Good for a guy or girl birthday, don't you think?

Using the same stamp, only differently:

I did this one in three steps:

1. Stamp the image onto a white panel with Sandstone ink. (A very light shade of any ink will do. . . just so you can barely see the image.)

2. Color over the stamped lines with oil pastels. Use a paper towel, rag or facial tissue to blend in the oil pastels.

3. Stamp over the top of the pastels with the same image and black ink. I just used the left corner and bottom edge of the white panel to re-align my stamp perfectly.

Next, I went to Interior Designs. . . 

The unmounted sheet has this really pretty flower image. I trimmed out the flower and then used my craft knife to add some detailing. Maybe I can get Kay to take a photo this one because the scan just doesn't do it justice. (The "Happy Birthday" is from the Club Stamp Destinations Unmounted sheet.)

And this wood mounted stamp makes a nifty multi-colored background. A quote can then be added to the foreground in black ink.

I think this is one of my other favorites. I stamped the swatch/pin image onto white with Topaz, Sapphire, Ruby and Earth inks. I trimmed them out with a detail scissors and then crumpled them. Yep. . . just wrinkled and bent the heck out of 'em! Then, just attached to the panel with foam adhesive.

It's a pin-up! Love how that Gratitude Parchment paper (duplex) worked with the torn edge. A savvy postal worker might try to charge you extra postage for this one. . . but you've got him fooled. It's totally one dimensional.

Grab some of these nifty stamps while you can! They won't be around for much longer!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comical Live Event!

What a week! We hosted our first event on To be honest, I had bit of a tickle belly about it. I mean, there's a lot of stuff that can go wrong when you're "live."

Since the event began at 7pm, I left the Clubhouse a bit early to get things set up in my kitchen. I dragged up a few extra lamps from my craft room and arranged them on the counter along with two computers and my featured project, step-outs, etc.

I was excited to share the 6x6" Map Fold Book, created with materials from the Comics Collection. The vibrant colors were just perfect for my theme--a day at Lambeau Field watching the Packers beat the Broncos. (The Packers, as of this moment, are currently undefeated. Just thought I'd mention.)

You can visit a "replay" of the event at Livestream, where I take you through the project step by step:

Watch live streaming video from clubscrap at

I decorated the inside pages of the map fold areas with 2.75x2.75" photos. To make it easy, I trimmed a 4x6 photo to 2.75x5.5". Then, I cut horizontally at 2.75" to make a square. If needed, I trimmed the square from corner to corner to accommodate the folds.

Check out how cool it turned out!

Thanks to Kay Williamson for snapping the photos of my little book!
Go check out the Comics supplies! Everything is on sale now!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Daughter is Silly

When you have a freshman that has been running non-stop all over creation with various activities, this is what happens on her first night home.

Yep, that's my silly girl.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tiny Tile Album

Every once in a while I get these moments of inspiration.

I was staring at my old Sissix die cutting machine and just felt like doing something with it.

I grabbed my funky square embossing folder and glanced around at my crafting space.

And then I said to myself, "You really need to clean this joint."

And there it was.

An Aluminum TagIt.

I shoved it into the embossing folder and squished that baby into the Sissix. Out popped the coolest-looking thing!

I had to make another one.


Book covers.

Thought you might like the little "how to" vid.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Flyin' with Hot Chicks

Wow. That's an interesting title. Hope you aren't too shocked to see that my blog is about handmade cards!

Our theme for Club Scrap's annual retreat was "Hot Chicks", and boy, did we have fun with that. This sheet of unmounted rubber stamps was the inspiration for my speedy-quick demo that I did during warehouse shopping.

I invited attendees to pick a card, any card, from the Assembly Line Cardmaking Idea Deck. (I'm still so in love.)

So, card ideas and Club Scrap paper plus Hot Chicks Unmounted stamps equals these fun cards. . . 

The journaling lines make a cute background on this one.
I'm in love with that "peep peep" border!

The two blue panels are the same; I stamped texture on the darker one.

This is one of my favorite quotes.
Aren't those three chicks adorable?
White pigment ink on Fuchsia Paper. . . yum.
Does it get any more simple than that?
Three chicks stamped twice make a cute border!

OK. . . now go fly with your hot chicks!
A little mist adds to that barnyard feel.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tilescapes Watercolor Rainbow Technique

I was working on the November Tilescapes Greetings to Go card set. After finishing this particular card I thought, "Hey--that's nifty!"

You like?

Then, Rita came into my office and asked me how I did it.

And who could resist a technique like that when you have that wonderful quote? I mean, it's perfect! It's from the Tilescapes Unmounted Borders & Backgrounds.

Oooh. . . that reminds me. . . check out that fun brayered background. There's a full article on that in the November Scrap Rap magazine. Go there. But not yet. Cuz you have to see this. . . 

Didjya see that yummy desk blotter? Didjya? You have to have one. Or three. They work good as placemats in your dining room, too.

OK. Now go make some rainbows.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Jumpin' Leaves!

The few leaves that remained on the trees in East Central Wisconsin were violently blown away by the excessive winds over the past few days. So, I figure we can recreate a few leaves of our own!

The outside of the card. . . pretty typical:

The inside of the card contains the "jumping leaves". Love it!

Here's the how-to video:

OK, your turn! Make one. Go jump in the leaves.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Retreat 2011. . . Farewell

It's Monday.

To Do List:
1. Ship retreat purchases.
2. Ship Club Scrap JR kits.
3. Ship Retreat in a Box kits.
4. Meet Stamp Rap editorial deadline.
5. Hit ground running.

This photo was taken during the Thursday night welcome reception. It's me and Dinah, my biz partner of more than 12 years. With our big annual retreat behind us, it's time to start planning for next year! Gotta love it!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Settling into the Comfort Zone!

The Clubhouse was abuzz today with the release of our new Comfort Zone collection. I'm just lovin' how this all turned out. I've been busy uploading artwork to the galleria at Club Scrap, finishing up on instructions, and creating digi pages with this set of papers.

One of my favorite cards from the G2G set is this simple modification of the Tan cutapart

I cut out the pre-printed leaves with a craft knife, bent them down the center vein, and reattached them right to the card/panel with foam adhesive. No stamping required!

You can download the free instructions for all fifteen Greetings to Go cards right here.

I also played with the digital kit, using my favorite "Quick Drop Digital Layouts". I did a quickie video tutorial so that folks who don't know anything about digi can see how quick 'n easy it can be to learn. Here's the vid:

And, here's another video on making some fun leaves with the UM stamps in this collection:

Well, all this today, I'm settling into my Comfort Zone for October! I hope you all love it as much as we do!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Couldn't Sleep on a Saturday Morning

I laid awake in bed this morning and finally figured I'd just get up (at 5:30am) and start a load of laundry. And while that's spinning, I figured I'd check out this whole blogging thing. I already have a blog at . . so, you can check that out, too.

We're swimming today. And by "we," I mean Emily. It's gonna be a great day to be at an outdoor pool. Too bad Emily will be the only one who gets to jump in the water. Wish her luck!

Here she is at the start of her 100 Backstroke Event at her last outdoor meet.